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Having a Tower Garden is really important for us as we have a opportunity to grow fresh produce in our home. In this video we show you the Tower Garden by Juice Plus and how to assemble the Tower Garden indoors with the lighting kit. We also talk about how to grow fresh vegetables indoors. Having a full size indoor garden allows us to eat healthier without the gardening efforts. Growing fresh food indoors is a really exciting and can change the way we eat forever! The Tower Garden is an areoponic system that uses air, water, and nutrient to grow fresh produce with little to no space. It is clean and easy as it runs on a timer and uses no dirt. What is the Tower Garden and how does it work? Check out my blog where I talk in depth about the Tower Garden: Things We Mentioned In This Video: Tower Garden: Megan’s mother is our Juice Plus representative and she can be your too! We are no way affiliated with Juice Plus. Where you can get Non-GMO Organic seeds: What we planted by seed: We planted our seeds in rock-wool that we purchased from the Tower Garden website. We then put vermiculite on top of the seed from Tower Gardens directions. We then put the rock-wool in some water and we change the water daily. Once the plant has roots coming out of the rock-wool and plant is about one Inch tall or more we will transplant into the Tower Garden. Ping Tung Eggplant Pickolo Eggplant Picnic Pepper Hot Cyenne Pepper Broccoli Garlic Chives Spinach Rainbow Chard Mirlo Lettuce Hot Mustard Lettuce Salad Bowl Gourmet Greens Cilantro Basil Arugula Oregano Parsley Kale NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK What to watch next: Camera we used: Cannon […]

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  • Dominique Martinez 2 days ago

    I love this!! I really want one now!! You guys are so cute!! Keep making videos 🙂

  • tnerb5557 2 days ago

    Are you going to upload a video showing the harvest?