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Kenneth: Hi, I’m Kenneth Wingard from Home Made Simple. I’m gonna show you how to make a great indoor succulent garden…Succulents are basically types of cactus—what’s great about them is these are completely fleshy and what that is, is water. They retain their water actually in the plant, so you don’t have to water them a lot. They don’t wanna be sitting in water… Dayna: Ooh…Okay Kenneth: …And they don’t wanna be watered too much, and because we’re doing this in a confined container, with no drainage holes, we wanna provide some drainage—just in case they get watered too much, so they won’t be sitting in it. Dayna: Okay. Kenneth: And we do that by just putting down a layer of rock…. So now that we have that, we wanna deal with the soil, and I got the soil that we took out of here. Dayna: Okay. Kenneth: …And what I have here is… Dayna: Cactus? Kenneth: Cactus medium. You could also just use sand. If you have a sand box, like a half potting soil and half-sand. Dayna: Okay. Kenneth: Because you want the water to go right through. See how dry that is? All right, so once we have that all mixed up… Dayna: Okay… Kenneth: So it’s nice and mixed in, we’re just gonna dump this in…. Dayna: Earthy… Kennethneth: All right, so now that we have this, I’ve got several different types of succulents. Let’s just get these and what—how we wanna plant them, ’cause we’re gonna take them out—they’ll probably be root-bound from being in the nursery, so you just wanna delicately loosen the roots with your fingers and then make a hole and put it in… And these, you know these? Aloe plants? Dayna: Yep. Kenneth: Mom used to always keep one of these […]


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