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  • Trey Duval 1 year ago

    Hey Travis, nice video. I’m in snoqualmie / north bend area and just starting my microgreens business! You have such a nice setup. I am having to turn heat on at night here sometimes even in the summer time, but it sounds like in Yakima, you have the opposite problem and need AC. Also, I was going to ask you if the bags over the trays seem to help seedlings get started better. We keep our micro greens covered for three or four days and then just uncover them and put them under the light, so I was wondering if the extra step helps?

  • Casey Kelso 1 year ago

    we can use your help will pay you for consulting (585.944.0273) nevada time

  • SCIENCE SAVES 1 year ago

    cool vid. I see around 50, where are the other half of the flats kept?

  • Wayne Ng 1 year ago

    How much u making per flat? And per month?

  • NewMoore 1 year ago

    Looks good!

  • Jack & Carol Matson 1 year ago

    The fun part is yet to come, keep it up, looks good nice and neat.