This is a product video to replace one I took down due to picture quality issues. Here I reintroduce my original 64oz micro dwc system. This thing really surpassed my intentions and expectations lol. Initially created to grow smaller plants for growers with limited space or for those with limited production in mind. I found out that these little brutes can grow a much bigger plant than I anticipated! Please enjoy the video.

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Indoor Micro 64oz Grow Box Tent Micro DWC Hydroponic System

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  • Kevin H Harmony

    Dude, That micro dwc system you have can work super awesome as a cloner. I have my own little versions. One time I was trimming an oregano plant and chopped down one of my sweet pepper seedlings. At the time, I just transplanted my lemon tree which was getting too big for the little dwc. I put the cuttings into the dwc then covered it with a 16oz plastic cup with two slits on the bottom (top)… of the cup (for air). What I discovered was that they stayed green and healthy, grew roots and went on to be bigger strong plants. My point is, if you add a clear cover for moisture (like a clear plastic cup) you can grow clones well, they don't just stay alive, they start growing in beast mode.
    As for the peppers not producing flowers, I don't think the light spectrum makes much of a difference. I start my seeds inside but grow them outside so I'm not sure. What I do to get flowers out of my peppers (bell peppers, sweet peppers); is I give them fish bone meal. I bought a bag from kelp for less for about 10 bucks. I don't know how well it'll work with hydro, I don't try to flower and fruit my plants indoors (they get way too big). I live in Puerto Rico where the sun and climate make everything grow. I'm not a plant scientist but after watching lots of videos, I tried it and it works. Fish Bone Meal. It makes my plants pump out many flowers. I've been using it on my plants when they are ready to flower. I've been doing it for about two years now. I tested to see who the tomatoes do if I didn't try it and yep, they barely put out flowers until I fed them the fish bone meal.