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  • Katarzyna Soyka

    I used to do this a lot as a kid – I would use cotton balls instead of sponge and plant garden cress. Delicious on sandwiches! Somehow it was really popular in 90s Poland to grow garden cress – you could buy small funny figures where garden cress would grow in place of hair 🙂

  • tracytigress

    Oh we did that once!
    By accident, on our kitchen sponge that apparently had some tomato seeds or something stuck onto it after cleaning the sink. Suddenly sprouts.

  • kaylee Dicus

    Omg i absolutely love this channel!! :)) i really do enjou your guys content and everything else!! Thank you for making these good vids

  • Emmy Fischer

    I have a couple of cute countertop hydroponic gardens from Aerogarden! They have difference sizes for different budgets but one you get one it pays for itself really fast! They are very good and they’ll replace any pods that don’t sprout! I’d recommend looking into one if you get a chance and save up a little for the initial garden:) They really work and are super worth it, plus they have sales all the time!

  • wanwans apmeoli

    for those who doesn’t know heliophilous seeds are those who like sunlight. ‘Helio’ is from the greek god of the sun Helios, and ‘philous’ is from philia which means like or love

  • John Ertle

    Heliophilic = "sun loving". Whereas heliophobic means "sun avoiding".
    Helio literally means "light" or "sun".
    Source: I am a horticulturalist.
    Overall, pretty cool, and simple!

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