It is time to put the chillis into their final home, That is an indoor hydroponic system called the Autopot XL this is an indoor hydroponic system that does not need power or taps in order to work. It is gravity fed so can be used anywhere.

Shaun has a huge advantage as he managed to get his chilli plant growing very quickly, and he too is using an indoor Hydroponic system, He decided on the ebb and flow system.

So we both decided to use hydroponics to grow our chilli plant for the chilli challenge, but are both using totally different methods in our hydroponic garden.

Autopots are available in the UK. and autopot USA is also available. Hydroponics has become very popular over the last few years and hydroponic plants grow much bigger and faster because of the hydroponic advantages of being able to control the feed and constantly providing it when the plant requires it.

So check out this video where I not only show you the autopot setup but will give an autopot review based on how to grow chilli plants in an autopot system.

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Indoor Hydroponic System – Autopot XL – Chilli Plant

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