Indoor Hydroponic System - Autopot XL - Chilli Plant

It is time to put the chillis into their final home, That is an indoor hydroponic system called the Autopot XL this is an indoor hydroponic system that does not need power or taps in order to work. It is gravity fed so can be used anywhere.

Shaun has a huge advantage as he managed to get his chilli plant growing very quickly, and he too is using an indoor Hydroponic system, He decided on the ebb and flow system.

So we both decided to use hydroponics to grow our chilli plant for the chilli challenge, but are both using totally different methods in our hydroponic garden.

Autopots are available in the UK. and autopot USA is also available. Hydroponics has become very popular over the last few years and hydroponic plants grow much bigger and faster because of the hydroponic advantages of being able to control the feed and constantly providing it when the plant requires it.

So check out this video where I not only show you the autopot setup but will give an autopot review based on how to grow chilli plants in an autopot system.

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Indoor Hydroponic System – Autopot XL – Chilli Plant

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  • SMN Gardener

    Hey Pal, Hope all is well with you and your family, I know doing your video's takes time and you have other things going on But just wanted to say were thinking of you
    and miss seeing your new video's and whats going on in the garden. But We will be waiting.

  • margaret sofocleous

    Haven't seen you for a few weeks. Are you ok. I thought of you as I passed your village last week. I went to my local allotments this morning to see if anyone has any spare bedding plants to sell me. No one there. Any ideas. I,m very late this year as I only got back from Cyprus on the first. Love Margaret in ponty

  • Mike O'Shea

    Morning Tony, excellent video as usual. I need a bit of advice (nothing to do with the video) I've grown my spuds in 30ltr buckets this year, first and second earlies are now ready but there are a lot of them and it's going to take us a long time to get through them. How long can I leave them in the buckets and should I keep watering them even though the foliage has now collapsed. Thanks Mike.

  • Mac Billing

    Hi Tony. I have a problem with my beetroot. The leaves are going brown at the tip's. The beetroot is growing but it's the leave's. Can you give me some advice. Thank you very much, Malc

  • carl walters

    Hi Tony, just a comment about the auto pot system and growing medium, I have been using this system for about 5 years now, I also have a home made hydroponic 70 pot system outdoors that we grow just strawberries in now, I use the same nutrient in both systems so the fruit we grow in both should be good. and as said b4 I have been veg gardening for about 50 years, however I found the tomatoes and cucumbers grown in coir in the auto pots over these years have left a far bit to be desired, where the straws in the same nutrient are great. So it was recommended I go back to a good quality compost and carry on as normal in the auto pots by a hydroponic specialist. This I have done but also have put one tomato and one cucumber in coir as a test. You would not believe the difference I will never grow in coir again, the compost grown plants are way ahead and we have been picking toms now for a week, the coir tomato looks poor in comparison as does the cucumber to its rivals. Just a thought to assist you. Regards C

  • stewart Davis

    Hi Tony a bit off topic, but just wandered around my garden and there is basically no fruit on my trees, apples cooking and eating, plums etc, last year was a bumper crop but nothing this year, there have been plenty of polenators so just dont understand it?? any ideas ?

  • Paul Jones

    I really struggled to get my rainbow chillis to germinate and like you it took 6 to 8 weeks and the seedlings were weak, they were germinated in my greenhouse in a propagator….In the end I managed to get just 3 plants to the re potting size which is a job for tomorrow… It's the only thing that has struggled this year so far….Will be interesting to see how they turn out. Great vid as usual Tony and good luck in the challenge…

  • steve Campbell

    Very interested to see how this goes.
    I've been trying lazy hydro with perlite…..where you treat perlite like soil, water it with hydro feed, and make sure the pots are in saucers to act as a reservoir.
    Tomatoes LOVE it
    Strawberries love it.
    But peppers and chillies just seem to survive, never thrive.

  • Cirkus DFDS

    Two questions. How do you know that the roots are down enough to get the nutes from the bottom. And do you keep water the plant from the top after the plant uses the nutes from the bottom? Thanks and happy growing

  • Campbell Spears

    First year growing chillies, I managed to germinate 4 Mozambique finger chilli and only 1 Kenyan cover chilli, all in my tiny greenhouse, it took 3 weeks to germinate these from seeds collected from shop bought fresh chillies, I'm happy with them so far, but, my one Kenyan chilli is price of the bunch. Great video to boot!

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