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We recently started growing strawberries in our DIY indoor hydroponic system! We had a few challenges at first but the plants are producing a lot of berries for us now! In this video we go into detail on how we planted and grew the strawberries. When researching this ourselves it was hard to find much information on how to grow strawberries indoors. Hope you find it helpful! Check out our website for more information on how to build and indoor hydroponic system just like ours! Here is some of the gear we use within our hydroponic systems (these are affiliate links so if you make a purchase using them, we may earn a small commission at no cost to you): Mars Hydro TSL 2000 LED Grow Light: Active Grow LED Grow Light: Water Pump: Air Pump: 1.5″ Net Cups: 2″ Net Cups: Grow Plugs: Nutrients: Pump Tubing (1/2″): Return Tubing (1″): Grow Light: 1″ Double Threaded Bulkhead Fitting: 1/2″ Double Threaded Bulkhead Fitting: Related PostsIndoor Hydroponic Vegetable GardeningIs Indoor Farming Without Soil The Future? | Hydroponic FarmingBetter than the AeroGarden??? | Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden – Unboxing and TestingAll-In-One Indoor Hydroponic Garden Test GrowVertical Hydroponic Grow Kit: Tower, Tent, LEDs, and Fan – Aerospring Indoor Herb & Vegetable …AeroGarden Bounty Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden, Black

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  • Simple Greens Hydroponics 2 days ago

    If you'd like to learn more, we made an article on our website outlining our strawberry approach!

  • Juan Chef 2 days ago

    The more you pick the more that will grow. You have to pick them when they’re ripe !

  • Brandon Rose 2 days ago

    I saw an article on the NC State website that explained strawberry flowers may need a little help self pollinating in order to avoid small or malformed fruit. I figured I'd pass on the tip since you've shared so many with all of us.

  • John R. 2 days ago


  • Pierre Shasta 2 days ago

    Again, really interesting video. At the beginning of January, I bought your course on the Udemi website and I like it very much. Ok, I saw some part of the course little similar on your youtube channel and your website, but it doesn't matter to me, because you did a great job and I'm learning a lot. Waiting for a second course 😉

    I have some questions about strawberries. On your video I saw a small fan very close to the strawberry, isn't it too strong for the leaves? I have one at 40 cm and I saw the plant move a lot, so I'm afraid that it could harm it.

    For PPM, I have a TDS and a TDS / EC but both do not give me the same result and I can see a difference of 200 PPM so I am a little confused. I read that different companies use different algorithms (3) for their testers. Conversion factors (EC to PPM), 0.5, 0.65 and 0.7, so maybe it's better to give the EC level and not the PPM level for nutrients.

    For the light, how do you do when the plant grows? Always keep the same height from the lamp to the basket, or take the top of the plant as a reference.

    Thanks again and keep making us very good quality video 😉

  • Hanif ibrahim zam zam 2 days ago

    why using indoor system?

  • Brian Bassett 2 days ago

    Three months tending for an extra small smoothy… if you're lucky. You can grow enough pot for a year in the same amount of time. So grow the pot 1st so the tiny smoothy tastes better.

  • Sandor Szabo 2 days ago

    Malformed berries are the sign of incomplete pollination. Bring some bees there, or pollinate flowers with a soft brush.

  • 42x3 2 days ago

    Since you are an engineer; I offer you a challenge. Find a way to grow root vegetables in a home system. Currently, the only systems I have seen are huge and challenging.

  • Rich Gocken 2 days ago

    Do you measure your source water tds and ph before adding nutrients?

  • Isai Gallardo 2 days ago

    Is the Formula same as Lettuce or tomatoes using Master blend,calcium and Eason salt? Measurements for my tote is 25 Length, 16inch width and 6 inch deep gallon of tote 27 gallons

  • Napoleon GARDENING FARMING TV 2 days ago

    Thank you for sharing! There's a lot of foliage and fruits. How can you measure the ppm?

  • Lioncrest Outdoors Gardening 2 days ago

    I love how far you've come with the Strawberries hydroponically!

  • bardavidi 2 days ago

    Good video……Have you tried any other Berries besides those….?….Selah

  • Sally Chung 2 days ago

    Hi curious to find out what is the temperature of your indoor set up and do you control ph and other factors other than nutrient levels?

  • Vh Nguyen 2 days ago

    I dont understand why ppl thumb down on such a good detailed video and SIMPLE method that works super great! Keep doing this excellent job!

  • Chito Lopez 2 days ago

    how many pounds of strawberries each plant produces per month???

  • Pierre Shasta 2 days ago

    Thanks for your video. I have a quick question regarding the light spectrum for strawberries. I was thinking of using a 4000 to 4500k spectrum, but I just read a scientific study that shows that using only blue light, strawberries produce more fruit than under white or red light. So I'm wondering if using a 6500k spectrum wouldn't be better. Thank you

  • Hifza Tahir 2 days ago

    Can you kindly tell me how much do hydroponic berries cost?

    I need the info for a project