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Here is an indoor hydroponic spinach update 2 1/2 weeks after transplant. To see how I germinated the seeds and transplanted – along with the set up, see this video. To get caught up on the 2015 playlist, click here: Related PostsHow Does it Grow? Hydroponic SpinachFinal Update on indoor hydroponic kitchen herb garden.Hydroponic indoor herb garden UPDATE WK 4Indoor Hydroponic Veggie Garden UpdateDIY DWC Hydroponics – Cheap and easy deep water culture hydroponic spinach gardenIndoor Gardening Year-Round! Over 100 Edible Plants & Propagating Longevity Spinach

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  • Dan Chetcuti 2 years ago

    Looks awesome!

  • Kim's Reptiles the Netherlands 2 years ago

    How many days did this take? Before you were ready to harvest?

  • Burton Blazek 2 years ago

    Spinach will bolt for light duration not heat Try 6 or 8 hours

  • Jake Vogt 2 years ago

    John I'm attempting this setup trying to duplicate just as you have done here and the growth has been slower than yours, discouraging but not worrisome. But a couple leaves almost seem turned in and I'm having no luck diagnosing this is at about 6 days in from transplanting to rockwool and just starting to get small ~25 mm true leaves

  • rene obuka 2 years ago

    +Indoor Hydroponix would love to know more about hydroponic growing, please you can contact me by email on hope to hear from u as i have a few questions.

  • strauss coetzee 2 years ago

    Hello John, i am growing lettuce and spinach in a similar setup as yours. What is the reason for only giving 12 hours of light. Do you think that 24 hour light can be damaging or stunt the growth. Strauss

  • BackTo Basics 2 years ago

    Great Video John! I think I`ve just found my next project!

  • The Liquid Gardener 2 years ago

    Great job John. I'm looking to start some spinach myself shortly.

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 2 years ago

    fast growing !

  • Keyplayr61 Greenhouse Hydroponics And Gardens 2 years ago

    Very Nice, John!

  • Southpaw Davey urban farm. 2 years ago

    Just did a tray of spinach for outside. Nice result with the raft.

  • Khang Starr 2 years ago

    Wow beautiful spinach John!  I am starting some right now, can't wait for them to grow like this.

  • FesterWerks 2 years ago

    That looks delish!

  • The Little Whitehouse 2 years ago

     Awesome!!!! Less than three weeks to Spinach.