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In this Video we show you a step by step guide to building your personal indoor herb & veg garden, We used the KRATKY method of Hydroponics which is an off grid system independent of pumps or air stones ideal for an indoor environment where the noise of pumps etc will be disturbing. Once you add your nutrients in the beginning you can set it and forget it. As the plant draws water it creates more space for air which is vital for the plant. If your plants are not receiving any sunlight make sure you have proper grow lights for optimal growth. Add your nutrients and start planting. We hope everything was clearly explained in the video, If there are any questions leave it in the comments below. LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE for more from AH HYDROGROW Music by: Related PostsIndoor Hydroponic Spinach Update – S2 Episode SomethingHow To Plant Your Indoor Herb Garden | The Passive Hydroponic MethodHow to Make Indoor Water Garden From Recycled Materials | indoor hydroponic gardening//GREEN PLANTSIndoor Hydroponic Herb GardenModular Hydroponic Tower Garden – PrintingGrowing an Indoor Herb Garden | The Passive Hydroponic Method

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  • MINH CHÍ NGUYỄN 1 month ago

    So how many days in total for growing them?

  • Seshi reddy Koppula 1 month ago

    very nice

  • Yamaç Sungur 1 month ago

    You are really doing it professionally. What are the nutrients that we should use for lettuce?