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Growing herbs indoors is a great way to keep fresh produce in your kitchen year round. The Home Depot carries fresh herbs for all your favorite recipes, and you can check them all out right here: In this video, our gardening experts will show you how to cultivate your own indoor herb garden. There’s nothing like fresh herbs to add that finishing touch to your recipes. An indoor herb garden can ensure that those fresh ingredients are always available. One of the endearing qualities of growing herbs is how creative you can be when doing so. From a windowsill herb garden to a hanging garden, the possibilities are endless. For more info on how to create an indoor garden, check out our guide: Growing herbs indoors can be extremely rewarding, especially with the right tools and preparation. When deciding which herbs to choose, be sure to keep in mind what you’ll be using them for. The Home Depot has a variety of herbs to meet all of your needs: Once you’ve chosen the perfect plants for your kitchen herb garden, head on over to our guide to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your project: Get more helpful home improvement tips, ideas, and projects. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: or watch now: Related PostsIndoor Herb Gardens: Tips and TricksIndoor Gardening TipsTIPS AND TRICKS FOR GROWING CANNABIS! – INDOOR GARDENINGBeginners’ Gardening Tips : How to Build an Indoor Herb Garden10 Best: Smart Led Indoor Gardens for 2020 / How to Make Your Own Indoor Herb Garden?7 Best Indoor Herb Gardens 2017

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  • Artbug 2 years ago

    Without proper drainage these herbs won't last. This would be a better project for something that doesn't need drainage, like watercress.

  • ZOLENA ROBERTS 2 years ago

    Great idea

  • dani0624 2 years ago

    What about drainage?

  • Gabrielle Patrick 2 years ago

    Herbs such as Rosemary need free draining soil. I can't imagine any herbs would thrive in jars with no drainage.

  • Francisco Guerrero 2 years ago

    No draining holes?

  • GardenWithJenny 2 years ago

    They don't have any drainage holes :/

  • BondoFox 2 years ago

    Cute idea.  But forcing (shoving) those plants into the repurposed fixture globes is going to cause the roots to bind up even worse than when you took them out of their pots.

  • Yayo Ferreira 2 years ago


  • Saphira4Q 2 years ago

    Thanks for the good tips. One question, why no gravel in the jars?

  • KevlarCamper 2 years ago

    you should use Ceder instead of oak, if you plan on putting this outside.

  • cuki casillas 2 years ago

    pretty cool! very nice i like that

  • terrie mears 2 years ago

    How do you water then without a drain hole, or do you need one.
    I keep trying every year but they always die on me.
    Hugs Tink