Added by on 2016-05-15 Video Rating: / 5 Grow Maxx’s grow guru Dave shows you how to start seeds totally hydroponic and with little or no waste. Go from a seed to perlite to Aeroponics! We’ll show you how! Related PostsIndoor Harvest Aeroponic System Oshoka ChangemakersHyperaerated aeroponic system, Germination to Harvest Ep.15Hyperaerated aeroponic system, Germination to Harvest Ep.14Grow Maxx Aeroponic system assembly instructionsAeroponic Plant Growing Bucket System, The Maxx Power PRO 1239 Pepper Aeroponic Rail System- Basic Overview

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  • SteezyOtis 1 year ago

    Pretty serious set up for growing basil and lettuce.

  • Indoor Harvest 1 year ago

    Our patent pending commercial aeroponic system. 

  • Grow Maxx 1 year ago

    PPM of what??
    Exactly… You do not know. That is why we use RO or Reverse Osmosis water or Distilled. PPM is Parts Per Million. We do not know what is in the water. When we filter it, we remove all of the parts of sediment and other contaminates in the water to make it near zero. We then add plant food to get it up to an acceptable PPM of the food we know the plant wants 🙂

  • SomeStickyIky 1 year ago

    Tomatoes lol, we know its ok