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(Chapter 1) Introduction To Indoor Growing — 00:00:10 (Chapter 2) High Yield Hydroponic Systems — 00:55:39 00:00:00 — Introduction To Indoor Growing 00:01:10 — 1. How Plants Grow. 00:01:17 ——- A. The Basics. 00:12:07 ——- B. Cloning. 00:15:31 — 2. How To Design And Build An Indoor Garden. 00:18:13 ——- A. Lights And Lamps. 00:25:47 ——- B. Ventilation. 00:32:56 — 3. Tasks That The Grower Must Perform. 00:33:03 ——- A. Choosing A Grow Medium. 00:35:54 ——- B. Water. 00:40:37 ——- C. Feeding Plants. 00:42:55 ——- D. Nutrients. 00:46:49 ——- E. Transplanting. 00:48:47 ——- F. Grow Room Hygiene. 00:50:04 ——- G. Spider Mites. 00:51:50 ——- H. Mold. 00:52:41 ——- I. Harvesting & Drying. 00:55:32 — High Yield Hydroponics Systems 00:56:42 — 1. An Introduction To Hydroponics. 00:59:54 ——- A. Types Of Systems. 01:05:01 ——- B. Nutrient Solutions. 01:09:34 — 2. Getting The Most Of An Indoor Garden. 01:10:05 ——- A. Light. 01:14:16 ——- B. Ventilation. 01:18:44 ——- C. Plant Growth. 01:23:53 — 3. Examine The Systems Used By Three Different Growers. 01:24:00 ——- A. Wally’s Tray System. 01:30:00 ——- B. Gibson’s Round Gully & Drip Table Systems. 01:37:29 ——- C. Jay’s Bucket System. Created by Spike, Narrated by Sean, Music by EightBit & Other Beats By Spike. In this video, Dr. Nate Storey of Bright Agrotech walks through how to mix nutrients in your hydroponics system with BayBerry Fresh, an Upstart Farmer. Learn more: Related PostsHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesHydroponics Growing – Best of Hydroponics Grow Box Systems, Indoor Gardening, & LED Grow LightsBest Hydroponic Indoor Growing Systems For SaleHydroponics Systems | Hydroponics Supplies | Indoor Garden TutorialsHydroponics Growing Systems & SuppliesHydroponics Growing Systems & Supplies

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  • Adam Shiminski 1 year ago

    wont mixing your concentrated nutrients together cause nutrient lockout and cause some nutrients to drop to the bottom? As opposed to completely diluting each nutrient before adding the next.

  • Fatsacks Allday 1 year ago

    he does get any issues with precipitation mixing all those salts in in the 5 gal bucket? seems like its such a high concentration?

  • Farjad Zaghi 1 year ago

    How often do they do a complete water change?

  • Jack Camino 1 year ago

    Hi Dr. for this particular solution, how often you make a new mix, daily? weekly?  

  • justgivemethetruth 1 year ago

    This is a really cool and practical video.
    I am planning on getting into some kind of hydroponic system,
    not that interested in aquaponics myself, but the problem I
    have or the questions rather … is how do you monitor the
    system over time?

    When your plants absorb nutrients from your solution the
    nutrient solution changes, as does the pH … but you really
    do not know ( I think ) what has changed in order to replace
    the fractions that have been removed.

    That seems to lead to the whole containers of water being
    thrown away … which is the reason most people turn to
    hydroponics – to save water.

    How can you monitor your nutrient solution and "tweak" it just
    right so that you do not end up wasting water and can have
    one process to manage to keep your plants growing and producing,
    or is that even possible ?

  • Faye Spath 1 year ago

    Great video! Really cleared up some of my confusion on mixing nutrients.