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Video of an indoor grow room being set up at Akron Indoor Gardens in Ohio. We decided to use two 600 watt lights (Powerhouse ballast, Plantmax bulb, Radiant 8 Reflector). The lights are air-cooled using an Active Air 8″ Inline Fan. The Hydroponic system we are using is Hydrofarm’s Grow Flow (flood and drain; ebb and flow technique). This system will be filled with LECA stone as the growing media for fast drainage. These Grow Flow systems come with 12 buckets (we only used 8 in our room). With the large 55 gallon reservoir, the Grow Flow is expandable from 6 to 48 buckets. We plan on growing a variety of bell peppers in here, so to follow our progress, check us out on facebook: If you have any questions or would like to get more information from us please call us at 234-678-5820 we are open Monday through Saturday 10am-6pm EST. Our address is 2076 Romig Rd. Akron, OH 44320 We are Ohio’s Premier Hydroponic Superstore. We offer everything from grow lights, hydroponic systems, organic soils and fertilizers, ventilation supplies, air filters, water pumps, and all the possible components you might need to set up the perfect indoor grow room. We also have amazing deals on portable grow tents. Call us for pricing! Thanks! Video Rating: / 5 I was going crazy with the thought of my greenhouse not running all winter so I put together a small nft set up in my basement. I just want to have something growing all the time and there is nothing like being able to go to the basemnt a pick fresh Pac Choy or lettuce. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMegarooms! How to setup an amazing indoor Hydroponic grow room #22Vertical Hydroponic System & Grow Room Kit Setup Part 1Hydro […]

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  • Michael Seeuws 4 years ago

    groei,groei,zet ze in bloei tot je ze snoei.en smook dis schit jou hol live long,paes en love x?

  • carly jaly 4 years ago

    It is interest video I love it. Actually the advice in the second half for papilla aqua
    Many time I also found helpful for hydroponics cannabis
    Was Panlarko Expert Aquaponics Planner – search google if you want?

  • Sons_of_Liberty 4 years ago

    this song just made me eat someone's face on a highway.?

  • Purse First 4 years ago

    The setup was real nice need better music and more videos ?

  • Ricardo Rodrigues 4 years ago

    this fucking sound was melting my brain, i had to take the volume off?

  • xleelum 4 years ago

    love the set up hope u don't mind if I steal it.?

  • Jerry Dennis 4 years ago

    Worst song I have ever heard?

  • Ned Flenders 4 years ago

    no filter??

  • Nebula Haze 4 years ago

    Neat, thanks for sharing!

  • Indoor Gardens 4 years ago

    agreed Gregory, there is plenty of room for optimization, in this setup. Appreciate the input. We also need to shorten up the ducting a little bit on the left side.

  • Indoor Gardens 4 years ago

    The song is "Bounce" by Jake Allison

  • Level Nine Media 4 years ago

    Wow this song is PERFECT!

  • Gregory D 4 years ago

    Straighten out your ducting for more efficient airflow.

  • jamaicob 4 years ago


  • Ray Kodiak 4 years ago

    good hobby // plants and beer, you also brew your own beer ??

  • Cliver McGyver 4 years ago

    No air circulation, need some air movement, and 2 400 watt halide will do the trick…?

  • YANA World 4 years ago

    what type of lights are you using and how much bulbs in a fixture please? thank you!?

  • Jude Scaglione 4 years ago

    Brock, what do you mean by "commercial fertilizer" – do you mean something like MiracleGro (or some/ANY non-hydroponic fertilizer)??

  • Britany Silva 4 years ago

    The main cause plenty of people still did not accomplish the hydroponics building is due to a poor plan.?

  • Abbas Zainal 4 years ago

    Very nice videos my question is every how many days do you changing water and fertilizer and many thanks again?

  • Israel Lazo 4 years ago

    What kind of grow lights are you using in this video??

  • Damu Nimo 4 years ago

    The downside of hydroponics is that you will need to buy "plant food" or nutrition and supplements which can be more costly.?

  • Geno Butera 4 years ago

    Your a dumbass?

  • Devan Pookie 4 years ago

    You're smoking the right type of cigarette mate.?

  • Grow Man 4 years ago

    Nice little set up for indoors. ?

  • Tanner Stage V 4 years ago

    I like your videos. Your laughing is just fine and gives the video some character rather than some boring documentary. Thanks.?

  • Robert Sparling 4 years ago

    Dude, I quit watching at 2:48.

  • Jeremy Burleson 4 years ago

    I think he might smoked a joint before this video, he can't to stop laughing?

  • Kewfit 4 years ago

    How did you get your Poc Choy so big? What size net pots are you using??

  • Enrique Goitia 4 years ago

    do you control the water temp? and ambient temp to grow lettuce? as i would like to grow them floating in my aquarium to help with my high nitrates and help the fish. i like the back choi idea too?

  • ian. spence 4 years ago

    are you sure its just lettuce your growing?

  • meanshoes 4 years ago

    Thank you Betty I'll look into the link 🙂

  • meanshoes 4 years ago

    Eh Marty Thank you for the kind words. I actually just left your channel "and subscribed 🙂

  • martysgarden 4 years ago

    It's cool to see another person giggle in their videos, I though I was the only one. Thanks for the vid Brock.
    Time to subscribe!
    Happy Gardening