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Hello Everyone! I love growing plants indoors and especially edible plants. In the this video I show you a few plants that I’m growing in our sunroom. Thanks for stopping by my channel! Happy Gardening & God Bless! For more gardening pictures of my gardens please follow me on Instagram @ #spinach Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsIndoor Gardening Year-Round! Over 100 Edible Plants & Propagating Longevity SpinachIndoor Hydroponic Spinach Update – S2 Episode SomethingDIY Aquaponics setup – Grow Indoor vegetables year roundYear Round Gardening Video CourseCreativity For Kids Craft, plant, water, GROW! This kit will put a smile on your face as it includes everything you need for year ’round gardeningJerry Baker’s Year Round Vegetable Gardening Summer Insect & Disease Control

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  • Shelita Williams 1 year ago

    wow that's what's up pretty lady Peaches! I've been looking for some edible plants to grow indoors how awesome, thanks for sharing!!!

  • Practical Gardener 1 year ago

    I never heard about longevity spinach, just now from you. 🙂 That's interesting! Have to google it when I have my spare time. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  • Midwest Gardener 1 year ago

    Indoor edible plants is a great idea!

  • Слон 777 1 year ago

    Thumbs up!

  • John Revitte 1 year ago

    Beautiful plants and video!

  • LITTLE MONKEY 1 year ago

    You are a wonderful gardener!

  • Miniature Cooking with Ching 1 year ago

    BEAUTIFUL creation!!! Great idea my friend! keep in touch..

  • Nang Nang 1 year ago

    Omg! You have such a success growing your longevity spinach. I have mine growing outside in pots for almost a year now and it's still the same size. May I ask what kind of soil your using? Thanks

  • Morning Glory Garden 1 year ago

    Really nice indoor garden. I wish I could grow indoors but my youngest puppy would dig up the pots and my oldest puppy would eat them (she loves veggies).

  • Reit Fans 1 year ago

    Excellent growing plants indoors demo video my friend. Absolutely fantastic! Thumbs up  🙂 Reit

  • survival-Kurse 1 year ago

    a wonderful Channel
    thumbs up and sub
    i wish you a great weekend

  • Cultivating Organic by Jo & Mig 1 year ago

    Longevity spinach would make a great addition to the garden. I like its growth habit. TFS

  • 1 year ago

    Very nice indoor garden. I like the red trellis.

  • LCJ farms 1 year ago

    that longevity spinach sounds fantastic

  • Garden City 1 year ago

    It's nice you can grow food indoors! Hope from Seattle.

  • Lawrence de Galan Origami 1 year ago

    Wonderful video! I really enjoyed it :-).

  • Pople BackyardFarm 1 year ago

    love plants I enjoyed this

  • Elyse Joseph 1 year ago

    Very interesting plant Peaches, I'll look it up thanks!

  • North of Pontchartrain (BobMel's Gardening) 1 year ago

    Your plants are looking great. Best wishes Bob.