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I got this cute My Fairy Garden set for my birthday. I was so excited because it can be used as an indoor garden. In this video, I make the My Fairy Garden Magical Cottage and the Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden. I had so much fun creating my own magic and growing my plants from seeds, and I especially loved the sparkly and glittery fairy dust! It looked so pretty! Be sure to watch till the end so you can see how my plants ended up growing. Thanks for watching! XOXO, Alyssa Please subscribe to my channel! Shop my video: My Fairy Garden Magical Cottage Enchanted Fairy Garden Check out my Instagram: Related PostsMy Fairy Garden Magical Cottage لعبة الزراعة ألعاب بناتMy Fairy Garden Magical Cottage | DIY Gardening KitMy Fairy Garden Magical Cottage from PlayMonsterDIY Fairy Garden – Indoor Gardening with an Enchanted Fairy GardenWee Enchanted Fairy Garden KitCreativity for Kids Enchanted Fairy Garden Craft Kit – Fairy Crafts for Kids

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