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Decided to change everything so my plant would be more happy. planting new seed, and rearanging everything in my balcony. Check out other videos; Also you can check out my homepage where you will find videos from my friend that do gardening. You will see more gardening friends as time goes on; Don’t forget the blogs; Mi blog para la communidad hispana; -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “Flowers in my pigeon peas” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Video Rating: / 5 This is what is going on inside the house where I still have some of my plants sprouting, along with some herbs, transplants, strawberries and my mini calamondin orange tree. Soon everything will be moved outside – I am so happy that everything is turning out well 🙂 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsIndoor Hydroponic Spinach Update – S2 Episode SomethingCANNABIS PLANTS IN FLOWER – INDOOR GARDENING GROW VLOG UPDATEMEDICAL MARIJUANA INDOOR GARDENING! – GROW UPDATE ON 4 WEED PLANTSIndoor Gardening Updateindoor gardening – indoor gardening and house plantsContainer Garden Update #1 Vegetable Gardening Raised Bed Square Foot Tomato Plants

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  • Gardening With Puppies 9 months ago

    Everything looks great. Thanks for the sub. I subbed you back.

  • nery colon 1 9 months ago

    Thanks thats the advantage of living in the tropical islands.

  • nery colon 1 9 months ago

    Gracias. muy amable.

  • IsaacsGarden 9 months ago

    Very healthy! Muy Linda!

  • Blaynexox 9 months ago

    Uggh I don't know what is with those pepper plants .. they are sooo tempermental! Oh well – I had more fun picking out the transplants anyways. Maybe next year I will try again. Thanks so much for watching :)