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Herbs can be grown in indoor gardens straight from their seeds. Grow herbs inside by seed with help from the owner of a nursery in this free video clip. Expert: Oscar Carmona Bio: Oscar Carmona owns Healing Grounds Nursery, located in Santa Barbara, California, where he has been involved in sustainable food production for the past 30 years. Filmmaker: Alfredo Rodriguez Series Description: An indoor garden presents its own set of problems over an outdoor counterpart but in the end can be just as rewarding. Get indoor gardening tips with help from the owner of a nursery in this free video series. John from shares with you the easiest way to grow an indoor garden if you dont have green thumbs… The Aerogarden 7 LED model allows even beginners with no gardening experience the opportunity to garden successfully. In this episode, John’s girlfriend will set up her first garden ever.. The Aerogarden 7 LED so she can start growing food. John will share the play-by-play about the unboxxing and set up of the Aerogarden as well as share his opinions on this hydroponic growing system. You will discover how easy it is to start your own garden in the Aerogarden as well as all the steps required to set it up yourself. You will learn some of the features you will want to look for when purchasing an Aerogarden should you decide to purchase one and much, much more. Purchase the Aerogarden 7 LED at: Join their email list to be emailed a off coupon for the Aerogarden 7 LED. Watch the 60 DAY update on how this Aerogarden 7 LED has been growing: Related PostsIndoor Gardening Tips : How Do I Care for Gardenias Indoors?Indoor Gardening Tips : Indoor Tomato Growing TipsIndoor Garden Tips – Hydroponics – […]

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  • spottydog9999 1 year ago

    growing erbs….what are erbs…? good video but you need to work on speaking properly, is this an american way of saying herbs….?

  • Sefora Nunez 1 year ago

    My thyme sprouted in 4 days, yes 4 days, just a simple pot with seed starter potting mix and a little water and sun. My thyme totally beat my parsley and cilantro, they have yet to sprout.

  • martysgarden 1 year ago

    I soak some of my seeds first in filtered water to kick them off. Parsley can take about 6 weeks to sprout so I buy them from the nursery!

  • James Chuaycham ป้อม ศักดิ์ชัย 1 year ago

    Good info about the temp range and slow germination on some herbs! I am in SO CA. When should I start grow my herb( peppers, basil etc.) seeds indoor during winter?

  • Alberto Rodriguez 1 year ago are annoying.
    let her talk.
    we'd like to know her input.

  • Range TimeNetwork 1 year ago

    Lauren is Hot! you guys still dating? you have a follow up on how it all worked out?

  • Mahmoud Qaralleh 1 year ago

    damn man give me a break stop talking

  • Mahmoud Qaralleh 1 year ago

    too much talking

  • T Arm 1 year ago

    You guys are life partners/soulmates whether as friends/mates whatever: you physically look alike, which who knows if that plays into it

  • Jared Howard 1 year ago

    where can i get the whole bowl attachment my friend gave me his aerogarden but he doesnt have the bowl

  • SuperManDan 1 year ago

    great video bro thanks, it really told me a lot and its was great for such a long video.

  • samljer 1 year ago

    Repeat yourself so much lol.

  • THA-WAR MANICS 1 year ago

    i think as soon as you leave she gonna put a diffrent kinda seed in there .cause she's lookin a lil high now….8)

  • trish neely 1 year ago

    Does this model 7 have to be unplugged to turn off lights or does it have a button? Thanks!

  • Clem Kediddlehopper 1 year ago

    Have you been able to do any experimenting as to what organic fertilizer works well with the aerogarden?

  • Graham Pearce 1 year ago

    Way too much chat…..attractive girl, and I'm sure she's more than capable of doing the demonstration. Would probably improve the viewing figures, a huge understatement.

    For most of the video I was wondering what she was going to do with the knife……you were doing a very good job of patronizing her. ;-)

  • Michael Crabtree 1 year ago

    how much money do u have to spend to get one?

  • Mary Rusch 1 year ago

    Quit talking!

  • nunya business 1 year ago

    can you grow cuttings in this?

  • Jordan Bryant 1 year ago

    "Organic" is overrated. And why are you so anti Roundup? It's pretty damn safe.

  • Mat Lachance 1 year ago

    Have you tried mixing up pods Or its something you dont recommend ?

  • YellowSpade 1 year ago

    Minerals are not plant derived and by definition can never be qualified as "organic." It's a classification that doesn't apply well to inorganic solutes like in the nutrient bottle there, but relax, it is equivalent health wise

  • Levy S. 1 year ago

    man, you talk too much!

  • Julia Pace 1 year ago

    I love it that you started your beautiful girlfriend Lauren on something that will work, in spite of how strongly you feel about organic. Lovely. I smiled the whole way through.