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Light stands, cheap fungus gnat control and some bizarre cool plants! My Facebook: Subscribe for more helpful and fun episodes here and my outdoor gardening/farm programs All things are Possible in the VoodooGarden! Video Rating: / 5 Small garden ideas for home decoration and indoor gardening. Get 100+ small garden inspirations here Read our regular updates using this awesome chrome extension: Get it for Free Find us on G+ : Pinterest : Twitter: Here u get 9 benefits of having an indoor garden People who are living in cities usually live in a condo or apartment where they have minimal earth space to do gardening. They can either utilise their balconies for planting trees or opt for container gardening. 1.Improve your health with improved air quality: We all know that city living is not easy. Every day you have to breathe polluted air filled with smoke and fog. Breathing impure air can make you sick and a victim of several diseases like allergy, asthma, and even life threatening diseases like lung cancer. Do you know that plants can clean the environment around them? Yes, plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen there by making the air around them pure .plants also absorb other gases like benzene, and other gases and emit oxygen. It is again the plants that increase the humidity levels of the atmosphere. In fact there is a plant known as ivy plant that increases the quality of the air efficiently. If you are interested in improving the quality of air around you, plant ivy in your indoor garden. 2.Control the temperature and environment : If you are having a proper garden outdoors, you cannot protect the plants from harsh temperature and weather conditions like rain, snow or […]




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  • Paula Yates 4 years ago

    I have one of the elephant ear plants like the one you have in this video.  It was on the north side of the house under a covered porch all summer, did very well.  I brought it inside this fall and had it in a south window.  It bloomed, but then stated to lose leaves.  I cut off the forming seed pod, hoping that it would help. Any ideas?  Could it be possible that it needed to be fed because of the blooming and setting seeds?

  • omar guerrero 4 years ago

    i grow poinsettias outdoors year round in southern california. not the one you find at the store, those are hybrids. i grow the wild type that grow in mexico. they can get up to about 8 feet high in just one season.

  • FAYE MARTIN 4 years ago

    that is aprayer plant ray

  • Lisa Darling 4 years ago

    Is it best to pot n big pots when they r small or medium? Thx u

  • Petericia Patsy 4 years ago

    Yes you are… are very good. Am now bringing my plants up from the foyer where its chilly and am grouping them together as you said. Will also get that bulb and put water around them. Thanks for your help.

  • rebecca clark 4 years ago

    Hi Ray. I couldn't find the link for the predatory mites. I believe I have fungus gnats and spider mites attacking my pepper plants right now. Would the best thing be the predatory mites? I also have pyrethrin, and diatomaceous earth that I use in my garden but not sure of the best course to take inside. Thank you! Great show as always!

  • CheeseCakeAlchemist 4 years ago

    Message from the future. The coop idea was a disaster. Avoid at all cost. xD

  • ahj71 4 years ago

    The BEST thing for gnats is Mexican Butterwort plant! They love the plant & the plant loves to eat them! It's amazing. Ty it.

  • Ginny Ward 4 years ago

    Very helpful again ,Ray! , as always =)!

  • Susan Alexander 4 years ago

    Hey Ray, I got so excited this weekend gone, 1-01-16. We had a re-grand opening of our office here is SJ, CA and to my surprise I was you…well your twin walking through the crowd. For a moment I thought you were visiting this area. I almost walk up to this guy and say hi Ray, its Susan. Well I looked at him very close and he is wearing glasses just like you are right now. Any for a at least 3 minutes I thought it was you, I'm sure you know when you see someone on the TV then when you see them in real person you have to look a little closer. It would have been cool to meet you though. Oh I was your video of how you got started and I am totally get why you might want to do what you are doing. Its awesome, I love my house plants and you give so much tips on caring for them. Thank you.

  • dsauer 91 4 years ago

    I got one of those fly strips stuck in my hair once while I was in my utility room. It was so gross and took multiple washes to get the sticky out. :)

  • Sebastian 4 years ago

    alocasia poly is that elephant ear

  • Hazlett Homestead 4 years ago

    I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at your fly paper story. I had a very similar experience when I was a kid although mine required a hair trim to get it removed. Lets just say that I have a healthy respect for the strip from hell. lol

  • TB spiders 4 years ago

    How is your new mango doing now? :D

  • Sonnie's Garden 4 years ago

    Great idea for the gnats, they just come out of no where.

  • Austin Germick 4 years ago

    Excellent video! Thank you for these brilliant tips. The segment on lighting was very helpful.
    I wanted to ask: Do you have a video in which you list all the plants you are currently growing in the Voodoo garden? If not, I would be greatly interested in such a video!! Thanks again for contributing such wonderful content.

  • jmn16150 4 years ago

    Hey Ray, Nice picks! The one that you think is a prayer plant is actually indeed a prayer plant if you haven't found out already, although its genus name, Calathea is different from the more common or popular Maranta prayer plant.

  • Tonya Williams 4 years ago

    Been there, done that. Even taking a bunch of plants to Mom's house years ago….LOL

  • james Fra 4 years ago

    Your spider plant is sooo cluttered!

  • Firdaus Alwi 4 years ago

    hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to learn about backyard garden designs and ideas try Loctavan Beautiful Landscape Strategy (just google it ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

  • Ferid Alibegic 4 years ago


  • Robert Williams 4 years ago

    SO FAKIN AWSOME, great tut

  • Jeremy Taylor 4 years ago

    thx for this video. ebook cover great ideas. Going to start implementing one during this holiday season