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Houseplants are such an incredible way to bring warmth and life into the home at any time of the year. Right now, while it is cold outside and the garden has not yet woken for spring, it’s an especially good time to focus your energies on warming up your house with beautiful houseplants. We all know how much character they can add to the look of a room, but many people don’t realise that houseplants provide many other benefits. For more information and other great gardening advice visit my website: Home Join in the conversation by following me on: Twitter – Facebook – Pinterest –… Instagram – Related PostsIndoor Gardening for HouseplantsHow to grow houseplants | Indoor Gardening tips | Keep your houseplants aliveVertical Gardening! The Benefits and How to Get StartedGardening Indoors! The benefits of Indoor Plants + How to make an Indoor Fairy Garden!25+ Best Indoor Plants Ideas – Simple Ways to Decorate with HouseplantsLiving with 700+ Houseplants and a Hen in Brooklyn, NYC 🌿🐥 | House Plant Tour

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