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A video log of growing tomatoes hydroponically. I will be updating over the weeks to show progress. Items shown can be seen in this Amazon list: You can get the bucket, lid and most other items also at Home Depot or Lowes Check back for frequent updates and additional tips Video Rating: / 5 This video shows how to set up a non-circulating hydroponic system, a.k.a the Kratky Method. I use rockwool to grow seedlings and then net cups and clay pebbles to plant the seedling into containers filled with water. The water contains a hydroponic solution to help feed the plants the nutrients they need. Two solutions are shown, one that works well for leafy greens, the other for fruiting or flowering plants. You will see the Kratky method demonstrated for three different plants in this video; lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes. All of these can be grown successfully using the Kratky method indoors with little effort. This video is meant as an introduction to the Kratky Method, if you would like more detail then check out my other videos on the specifics of each type of plant. Experiment, and most of all have fun and enjoy the satisfaction of growing your own vegetables! Please subscribe if you enjoy my videos, and comment below if you have suggestions or to share your own experiences. Thank you for watching! You can find the items I use in this video on Amazon here: Grow Lights: Nutrients: Grow Big by Fox Farms: MasterBlend formula: Rockwool Cubes: Clay Pebbles: Mason Jars (make sure they are wide mouth): Net Cups 3 inch: Grow Lights: Growing Trays: Related PostsIndoor gardening: hydroponic tomato test – month 2Hydroponic Tomato Taste TestIndoor Hydroponic Spinach Update – S2 Episode SomethingHow […]

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  • Sylvia Dallas 3 months ago

    Van we use gravel instead of clay pebbles? And what would be a good rock wool substitute? These are not available in Jamaica

  • Science Etc 3 months ago

    Do you ph your water? If I don’t ph my water, will I still yield good results? Do you ph your water with Foxfarm food? Or just feed it to your plants? Thanks, love your videos!

  • Peter Piper 3 months ago

    Drinking coffee is a BAD habit? No, no… the latest peer reviewed research says coffee is VERY GOOD for you.

  • George P 3 months ago

    Tikki O. thank you for the video, didn't see a link for the Master blend, but I'll look
    for it. Can I reuse the rockwool?

  • Om Mct 3 months ago

    Thank u mam so much

  • Om Mct 3 months ago

    Thank u fr ur kind mam.I'm sory. Can u explain what is tha lettuce.bcz I don't know.Can u explain me.

  • Om Mct 3 months ago

    Thank u mam for ur this method will start in Asian countries.I'm a Sri lankan.I like start this hydroponic plants.plz reply.thanks again.have a nice day

  • jasminjwhite 3 months ago

    Just want to say, I love your videos! Since the ecoli outbreak on lettuces, I started growing my own lettuces and microgreens, and I'm happy to report that everything is growing beautifully. I've used many of your soil vidoes, but you have me interested in Kratky, so I'm going to transplant a few to mason jars today. Thank you! <3

  • Joyce Anastasi 3 months ago

    Thank you for this informative, perfectly
    paced video!

  • Anita E 3 months ago

    Great, straightforward, simple explanation. Thanks!

  • norweavernh 3 months ago

    You confused me. You stated to add calcium sulfate, but the bag was ammonium sulfate. Huh? Also, without covering your jars, algaebwill grow and eat up yoir fertilizer, do you cover them?

  • Benjamin Scherrey 3 months ago

    Great process and explanation. I home school my boys in Thailand and want to get them stated with hydroponics as a side project. Thanks for the excellent instruction.

  • Tony Fernandez 3 months ago

    Your videos are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. Can't wait for more

  • Omotunde Babajide 3 months ago

    Hi Ms.
    thanks for a detailed video…I am really inspired
    Can Coco peat be used in place of rockwool ?

  • Gerardo Sanchez 3 months ago

    Hello can you help me with tomato grow like help me with a nutrient plan and mix at different stages of the plant life

  • swaroop bardhan 3 months ago


  • Indo Deze 3 months ago

    In my opinion there is aeration in the Kratky method. It's the part between the netcup and the bucket lid that is the aeration in kratky method. It's not the type of aeration you'd get from a pump but it is aeration for the aerial roots

  • Aulrone 3 months ago

    Looks like your water is too high. You need air underneath the soil, hence use wicks for immature plants. Also, you should use less rockwool so you can cover it completely with pebbles. Algae likes rockwool.

  • MTN COM 3 months ago

    Could you use root riot or rapid rooter instead of Rock wool?

  • Nilanjana Shukla 3 months ago

    Thanks for sharing