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When fungus gnats surrender Pruning pepper, mango and vines Best tip for stronger punpkins and other wining veggies Sticky Traps: Subscribe for more helpful and fun episodes here and my outdoor gardening/farm programs All things are Possible in the VoodooGarden! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsCOMPLETE indoor Growing Tips and Help!Bowery Farming Leads the Way with Indoor Agriculture to Help Feed a Growing PopulationWorm Castings for Indoor gardening?Indoor Hydroponic Spinach Update – S2 Episode SomethingOrganic Gardening For Beginners – 3 Factors That Can Help Make Or Simply Break Your GardenINDOOR GARDENING: Things you NEED to have to START your OWN INDOOR GARDEN.




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  • Susan Alexander 1 year ago

    Hi Ray, thanks. You know since I didn't see your response a couple later, I went ahead and sprayed it with some mild dish washing liquid and it was gone after about two days. I am happy now..

  • Susan Alexander 1 year ago

    H Ray, how are you?. I have a question for about my avocado plant. I am happy to say they are going well. The sent lots of roots and as of 4-06-16 I had all three plants sending out shoots. I am so happy for that. But my oldest seed in water, which I had upside down in the beginning, notice the roots were growing I then I turned it in the right direction and I have lots of lovely roots, its still in water. But I just noticed is a few white fluffy "something" on the roots. What are your thought on that? Thanks.

  • Susan Alexander 1 year ago

    Ray, I was wondering about the mites you put into the plants to help
    with the lava in the soil. how much of that do you have to use? Please
    give some info.. on how you actually use it. I am sure you have a video
    on that but there are so many to go through. I got some of those bruts
    (gnats) in my house. Thanks in advance.

  • Patricio Tucholla 1 year ago

    Your Work & channel are VERY INSPIRING RAY…thank you!!!

  • FAYE MARTIN 1 year ago

    can u do a video on houseplants ray thanks

  • whatever22111 1 year ago

    that pepper plant didnt get pollinated by the fungus gnats, peppers are self pollinating aka – do not need bees.

  • yes350yes 1 year ago

    I also use the yellow sticky cards,  another trick to try is use to use a decoy pot make sure that pot is even more moist than your plant pots stick a yellow card in it and watch the fun because yes the gnats will fight to lay eggs in moist soil.

  • Juanita Ivey Wright 1 year ago

    What's the name of theses yellow sticky paper and where can I get some

  • Problame 1 year ago

    Some gnat flies and I had a serious Come to Jesus moment last night. A whole bunch of them went to Jesus…

  • TH3C1PH3R 1 year ago

    A 2 inch layer of diatomaceous earth does the trick against fungus gnats

  • Mark Dewalt 1 year ago

    I wish someone had told my zucchini how to behave, perhaps it was due to bring very cool and wet while the first blooms formed, but I ended up with tons of females a week before any males!

  • SpiritualMidwife 1 year ago

    Will this work for aphids too?

  • SamLesCreations 1 year ago

    Great! I'm growing cantaloupe, watermelon, and cucumber and I've never worked with a vine plant before. I just learned so much. 

  • SamLesCreations 1 year ago


  • bish bosh 1 year ago

    thanks ray

  • bish bosh 1 year ago

    another amazing and helpful video

  • Socheata Vong 1 year ago

    Ray, can you show us your lighting system for indoor plants? 

  • Mark L 1 year ago

    When will those grubs turn to beetles??

  • Worm Turns Florida 1 year ago

    Hi Ray–I hope you are having a good day 🙂 I have a Voodoo Garden challenge for you: try growing an asparagus year round in a pot indoors! I live in FL and when I researched it I discovered it does not do well here 🙁 But then I found an article for Hawaii where they say they induce 1 month of drought to make up for no winter. After the foliage turns yellow they cut it off, then start watering and fertilizing like it is springtime. They state that 12 plants would provide year round harvests with that method. I am going to try it in an outdoor pot in which I can control the water. I was considering using an old garbage can since they have such deep roots. 

  • Jill Wait 1 year ago

    Love your program!  Do you have a mailing list?  I'm pretty new to YouTube subscriptions.  I'd love to get information with seed sharing and other things….