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My friends at Altifarm are launching Herbstation, a compact indoor farm. It comes with self-watering and magnetic LED grow lights. Herbstation will be available for pre-order at discounted price for 30 days on Kick starter platform, starting from June 25, 2019. PRE ORDER YOUR HERBSTATION NOW LINK- Herbstation is a compact indoor farm for all homes and all seasons. Grow fresh herbs, veggies and micro greens all around the year- even in winter. All Herbstation models come with magnetic LED grow lights so that you can grow indoors without any sunlight and its self-watering system helps with automatic watering, without using any electricity or water connection. FEATURES:- Self-watering System allows for automatic on-demand watering without involving pump or motor. Also helps with root oxygenation for healthier plants. Height Adjustable Grow-lights too help with rapid vegetative, flowering and fruition Gone are the days when your plants had to suffer due to harsh climate conditions. With Greenhouse Expansion Pack, the temperature, humidity and CO2 inside your indoor garden is regulated. Protect your harvest from unforgiving winters with this simple greenhouse, loved by Altifarmers around the world. Its unique roll-up doors with zipper and Velcro closure offers easy access and plant care. Also protects from pets, children and offers limited insect protection. Give your indoor garden wheels with the Mobility Pack which lets you conveniently maneuver the system around the house for sunlight access. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsIndoor Gardening TipsIndoor Gardening The Beginners Guide To Growing Vegetables And Herbs At Home In The Office Or SmallBeginners’ Gardening Tips : How to Build an Indoor Herb GardenIndoor Gardening Tips for Beginners – 18 Tutorial Videos CompilationIndoor Gardening for BeginnersIndoor Gardening Ideas for Beginners

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  • rajkumar singh 3 months ago

    Its Costly . Not for middle class family ,

  • Canal Drone Livre 3 months ago

    very cool your channel. one more subscriber. I invite you to know my channel too.

  • RAINA SOLANKI 3 months ago

    Ders no sunlight in my balcony, can u make a video on plants ( flower, vegetables) dat can grow in such type of balconies.. ( mny ppl might hv such problems of sunlight, i guess..)

  • Bibak Saha 3 months ago


  • Sonty Bhardwaj 3 months ago

    Garden overview kB aa rha h Bhai

  • babz anderson 3 months ago

    The girl before the video started is click bait….And it worked…lol

  • Christopher Parsons 3 months ago

    There is more light coming from the windows and ceiling…

  • Mio Angel 3 months ago

    So cool!

  • Ray S 3 months ago

    At 380 dollars(₹26000) a piece it's quite pricy for an average person. Premium product at high valuation. Even a diehard gardener would think thrice before considering to buy.

  • Charu Shah 3 months ago

    What is the name of their website

  • Charu Shah 3 months ago

    Where to buy it from

  • Roocha Deshpande 3 months ago

    Price?How to order it?

  • Choki Moon 3 months ago

    great job. hope u ship world wide.

  • NAJNIN KUNJADA 3 months ago

    Nice video

  • Mohd Yasir 3 months ago

    Sir zerbera ko seed se grow karne bataye

  • Mohd Yasir 3 months ago

    Sir make a video on rose plant

  • Alind 3 months ago

    Since you don't want to show your face so you told them to make a video for you lol