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Budget indoor garden. Already harvesting lettuce and put it all together for well under 0 using resources on the net. Fun and easy to do. No pests and you can watch these things grow right in front of your eyes. I’m no expert and am learning as I go. Hope this inspires you to get growing indoors! No sound!! Was an early video and well, plants don’t make too much noise. Related PostsPart 1 of 2 How to Build an Inexpensive Indoor Garden Grow Light Station: The Rusted Garden 2013Getting Materials – Quick & Easy School Garden KitVertical Gardening Ideas – Build Your Indoor Garden DIY Project with using Plastic BottlesIndoor Hydroponic Vertical Gardening using Zip Grow TowersHow To Make A Container Garden Tower Out Of Reclaimed MaterialsFish Farming Using Indoor

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  • Hilda Herrera Madrigal 11 months ago

    Son cosas bellas. En muchas de ellas podemos utilizar materiales reciclados, realmente me encantó

  • martin morales this crazy mexican 11 months ago

    just waisted 2:40 of my fucking valuable time….

  • martin morales this crazy mexican 11 months ago

    just waisted 2:40 of my fucking valuable time….

  • Ali Pourzamani 11 months ago


  • UnseenKnight 11 months ago

    should just go hydro

  • Renovated Ride 11 months ago

    Thanks Patricia! It's such a gratifying hobby and sadly my cat just passed away the other day. She was one of those once in a lifetime finds. She loved gardening too. Thanks for watching the video.

  • Patricia Teeters 11 months ago

    I just love your growing room and your Kitty Katty too. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

  • Renovated Ride 11 months ago

    Hi! Super easy build. You have to drill holes in the white pipes and that's about the hardest part. The pump is a very low volume 120 volt pond pump that cost $11. It pumps the fertilized water from a holding tank below to the top of the tube setup via clear tubing (so I can see it pumping). It pumps the water once an hour on a timer. The only thing I would make sure of is that all of the parts are "food grade" so that you know the produce you eat is safe and not contaminated with anything strange. I'm no expert. No engineer. Just the guy that builds something to see if it will work and rebuilds if it doesn't, like many people on Youtube. Fun and easy!

  • Seeneevassen Sive 11 months ago

    hi can you explain in detail how to build that pipe and all the pump system …seem easy to assemble, thanks!

  • Renovated Ride 11 months ago

    Thanks! it's amazing what can be grown in unconventional ways. Fun too if that's what you like to do. Never did this kind of thing until I cancelled my television cable service. Nothing better to do at night but research ways to be self sufficient. Kind of a freeing experience. Thanks for watching!

  • GrowBro Hydroponics 11 months ago

    not a bad set up looks good

  • tpabdulrasheed rasheed 11 months ago
  • tpabdulrasheed rasheed 11 months ago
  • Renovated Ride 11 months ago

    Hi Everyone! Theres no sound to this video. I made it sound-free to better show the visuals but have since learned that videos with sound are better because you can explain more about the process. If you have any questions about the video or how I made anything, please ask in the comments and I'll help.

  • frederica broadney 11 months ago

    There is no sound does any one else have this problem?

  • ChienPing Yu 11 months ago

    Please share your idea of hydroponics automation with us.

  • jim davidson 11 months ago

    WOW, you've got enough greens for, ONE whole salad. Fantastic mate.

  • Rick Coona 11 months ago

    your lettice looks a bit anemic probably not enough light, what nutriants are you putting in the water in your hydro system?

  • I know u growing weed somewhere.. I'd would be interested to see how those are looking (:l)  

  • AkinaGod 11 months ago

    Can you explain what you are showing here?  I am not familiar with this.  Also, I looked up some of these parts and I am well over $500 to get what you have.  Where did you buy, what stock number, etc. to make all this under $100?