A complete tour of my indoor growroom.

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Indoor Garden Tour

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  • Dutch J

    I hear your frustration very much. Where I am in the mid south of North America, there is always a danger when growing anything indoors of getting spider mites on the plants, and then you practically have an all out war on your hands. But one thing I have learned is that instead of using powerful insecticides, what I do instead is to mist my plants with a half and half mix of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) which is very inexpensive and easy to find, and half water. What this does is that it is an instant kill of all of the mites, and their eggs, but it does not harm the plants themselves. It is still necessary to come back in a few days and spray the plants again and keep doing this for a week or so just to ensure that no eggs are missed and in case more of the mites come from somewhere. I don't know how they get into the house, but they tend to just appear almost like they are coming in from outside it through cracks in the wall or something. Being very tiny this is quite possible… I enjoy your videos by the way, it is good to see someone else who likes to have a large room dedicated to plants of many varieties

  • Reality and Common Sense

    I stumbled on your channel in my attempt to grow herbs indoors in Northern California during the winter. You have a great channel. I've watched several videos and learned so much. I loved my basil to much with water. lol Thanks so much. Looking forward to watching more of your videos.

  • AirWhiteRose

    Really beautiful plants! How did you grow your moringa? I've tried multiple times from seeds but they all stop growing a month or so later and then dies. Can only grow indoors but I think it got enough light.
    If you have room I highly recommend the Surinam Cherry plant. It can be grown as a bush/bonsai. They have really beautiful, tropical looking leaves and have a nice shape. Got mine to bloom and fruit too in small pots when they were 2,5 years 🙂 The flowers smelled really nice and I personally liked the fruits, although I've heard some does not. Still it is the plant im the most proud of

  • Marius Andersen

    Awesome video! A fellow norwegian here. I've started a mini indoor garden because of you.(Been lurking for a while) I'll give raised beds with plastic screens a try next summer, but I'm located in the northern part of norway, so my plant choices are a bit more limited. Where can i buy the pvc connectors and pipes online? or did you get them from a local shop? Looking forward to more videos. MTFBWY!

  • realrasher

    Very inspiring… Thank you!
    Geoff Lawton once explained how when you recognize a plant, at first sight, it's like seeing an old friend again. Very satisfying.

  • the Urban Gardener

    Love the tour Christopher! Like you I am so glad I found Raymond Browning and his channels, he inspired me so much in the garden and what he was doing with his content. Then you came along and I saw someone actually doing what I thought I could try. You both pushed me to do my own channel, and it has been such a great change in my life. I am having so much fun doing my videos. I hope you have had a chance to see some of my newer videos, as well I have a long two part garden tour!

  • Kyle Null

    I actually discovered Ray's channel through here a while back. Turns out he lives less than half an hour away from my hometown.

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