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This is how I transplant herbs and vegetables from soil pots & containers to a simple hydroponic system. Step #1 – Remove the herb or vegetable from the pot or container. Step #2 – Soak the plant in a tub of water…use an air pump/stone if soaking for long periods Step #3 – Separate the roots from the soil or soil less growing medium. If the grow medium is very dense or difficult to dissolve in water, then you may have to use an utensil to break it apart. You can also use a water hose or kitchen “spray” faucet to help the process. Step #4 – Place some hydroton on the bottom of a net pot or diy container (e.g. cup), and place the roots on top of the hydroton. Step #5 – Insert the net pot into your hydroponic container. Step #6 – Place the entire grow system into a grow box, grow tent, or somewhere adjacent to a natural light source like a south facing window. That’s it! Now your herbs or veggies will grow faster than ever…compared with growing in soil or soil less mediums. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSelf sufficient, indoor garden with NFT hydroponics system 68 day update. Leafy greens and herbs.Simple Hydroponic System Made from Soup ContainersHydroponic System Build – DWC Water Spinach Pepper and HerbsHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesiGrow Transplanting Marijuana LED Indoor Hydroponics Garden Herb Auto Growing Kit G601B G601CIndoor Gardening Tips

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  • Norinn Radd 4 years ago

    I am trying to grow watermelon. I don't know when to transplant my seedlings to my 5 gallon hydroponic system. I have seedling starter thing with a cover and a heat pad.

    the root on a watermelon I put in about a week ago, is already 2 inches long. however the leaves have yet to open up.

  • Rick Haynes 4 years ago

    if u use 50% coco, perlite, maybe lil soil, the solo can stay intact. heck u can just cut off the bottom of the solo if u want.

  • threedogwrite 4 years ago

    Great frugal system that works! Are you still doing hydroponics?

  • Christine D. Hudgins 4 years ago

    Thank you for the video.
    You really can build your indoor garden that does not need weeding, tilling or cultivating, the spreading of fertilizer or compost, and no watering or irrigating; all while your vegetables yield up to 10 x the amount of veggies than plants from the dirt garden.

  • Darren Smith 4 years ago

    Hi – , how often do you change the nutrient water and how much and what nutrients do you use per liter of water. Thanks Darren

  • IndoorGardenTips 4 years ago

    If this was planted in soil, then it would be much easier to separate the roots. However, the grow medium was almost rock solid, so I needed to soak it in water before attempting to separate the roots.

  • timz84 4 years ago

    Im thinking it would be a lot less trouble to spray the dirt off outside or even in the tub or sink. nice video though