Indoor fountains represent a very interesting element of decoration and certainly not common to all homes. The gush of water undoubtedly creates an unusual and particular atmosphere, even if it is in any case important to take into account some factors, before deciding to buy one.

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indoor fountainThe factors that determine the possibility of installing a large fountain are the space and the economic budget. It is important to have a large enough surface to place the fountain in such a way that it can be admired in all its beauty; let’s not forget the cost, which will certainly be considerable. More adaptable are the wall fountains, which instead find an optimal location even on spaces that have not been used, reproducing the typical effect of waterfalls. On the market there are kits that can be assembled personally, without having to spend excessive amounts. Many fear that having a fountain in the house could lead to water leaks; in reality this happens very rarely, because those who design indoor fountains try to prevent any flooding.

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It is feng shui that started the evolution of the indoor fountain concept also in Italy: the gush would bring positive energy into the home and, why not, into the office as well. To increase the beneficial effect of the fountain, you could also add a few drops of essential oils, which perfume the environment and help you relax. The indoor fountain, in this case, also takes on a very deep spiritual meaning, as it represents the purification that brings peace and love.

The fountain can also be decorated with ornamental stones, to make it more pleasant also from an aesthetic point of view. We are usually used to seeing fountains inside very large enclosed spaces, such as shopping malls or airports, but nothing prevents us from being able to reproduce the same effect, albeit in a smaller size, in our home. The most used materials are glass and steel, very trendy in current design, because they reflect light and give the space a particular elegance. Alternatively, the fountain can also have a fully tiled base, which somewhat recalls the image of the swimming pool. The costs of an indoor fountain, made with such a design, are high because it is important that the design is done correctly and scrupulously. They adapt well to any context, thus finding perfect placement in both classic-style interiors and modern-style apartments. The choice of material for the realization makes the final cost very variable: if you focus on marble, costs tend to rise, and this happens even if you prefer particular materials. Indoor fountains are also defined as ‘water walls’ and can be made to measure, but also by expert craftsmen who shape the fountain according to the client’s wish. To it can be added a lighting system that makes the element pleasant even in the dark. The base on which to run the water can also be made of hand-painted glass, to reproduce particular designs. Being handcrafted, they can be requested in any size.

The category of indoor fountains also includes misting fountains: a very decorative object that gives our home elegance and refinement. This genus also has a slight wetting ability, and the space can also be scented with the addition of essential oils. The demand on the market for models of indoor fountains has meant that some types of ‘acceptable’ dimensions were also created for a living space of normal size, which do not need a support base, but recreate the style of the drinking fountains. garden. A wide range of colors allows you to combine them with the style of the house and thus make them an integral element of the space. Generally they are placed in the entrances or in the dining rooms, but they can also be used to decorate a corner that has remained unused. The beneficial relaxing effects of the flowing water are obtained by choosing any model of indoor fountain, from the smallest to the largest.

The possibility of creating a relaxing space inside a home, thanks to a natural element such as water, allows you to have a relaxation area that invites you to also have a green space, as if it were a winter garden . Although the trend proposes indoor fountains as an element capable of capturing the attention of those who visit your home, often the fairly high costs lead to the choice of models with reduced dimensions. In any case, the fountains always represent a particular space where you can create a conversation area that will enchant your friends. To choose the most suitable model of indoor fountain, it is good to let yourself be guided only by your own taste and instinct, and perhaps by some good advice from the retailer.

Indoor fountainsImmediately begins a very important training course on a type of product that is often underestimated, both when furnishing one’s garden and with regard to home furnishings, considering that we are in the presence of an element not particularly used in our society.

What is it about? We are not talking about a fountain in general, among other things already quite rare to see even in a normal garden, at least in its most particular forms, but about the so-called indoor fountains, whose purpose could be to finally give a clear identity to the style we have chosen for the furnishing of our home. You are therefore faced with an optimal solution.


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