Indoor Farms of America Story

Farm all year around for your local market with a farm from Indoor Farms of America. The worlds best indoor agriculture equipment. Vertical aeroponic farms grow more in less space than anything else.

Aside from building mega projects, China is also investing significant amounts of effort into developing indoor or vertical farming systems to feed its large population. So, in this video you will see 7 examples of how china is already working on indoor vertical farming.

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7 Examples Of Chinese Made Indoor Farming
1. Largest smart farm in Fujian Province
2. Inside Lüwochuan Farm
3. Inside Hong Kong’s Hi-Tech Vertical Farm
4. China’s Sky-High Farming
5. China’s Greenhouse Technologies In Egypt
6. The Use of Lamps To Grow Vegetation
7. Chinese-Built Glass Greenhouse in Turkey

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Indoor Farms of America Story

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