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Brad Buttrick from Hidden Harvest Grow Lights and I spoke about how the world will need to move agriculture indoor as the Grand Solar Minimum intensifies. This will include increased UV, out of season storms hot and cold both, more cosmic rays and heavy winds. *Full Spectrum Daylight White Led Grow light drawing 36 Watts *Indoor farming *Grand Solar Minimum intensification *How global climate is shifting and where it will shift next *Types of vegetables and plants you can grow indoor *Decreasing Total Solar Irradiance *Cosmic Rays and the effect on plant growth *Increasing levels of UV as the magnetosphere weakens *How get started growing your own food indoors (microgreens) *Wheatgrass, Moringa, Goji and other superfoods Hidden Harvest YT Channel Hidden Harvest HOME *** ADAPT 2030 True Leaf Market Link *** ***Grand Solar Minimum Book of the Day*** Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times Designed for readers with no experience and applicable to most areas in the world except the tropics and hot deserts. This book shows that any family with access to 3-5,000 sq. ft. of garden land can halve their food costs using a growing system requiring just the odd bucketful of household waste water, perhaps two hundred dollars worth of hand tools. *** Today’s Story Links *** Australian crop losses wheat and hay Agro news of crop losses globally Global TSI dropping TSI forecast to 2030 THE DAWNING OF MODERN MINIMA BY THE YEAR 2035/40 Across the Arctic, lakes are leaking dangerous greenhouse gases Frost damage dashes farmers’ hopes of record harvest, as Perth shivers through chilly night Temperatures plunge up to 10 degrees below average across Australia’s south WESTERN AUSTRALIA: CROPS PUNISHED BY TWO DEVASTATING FROSTS IN A MATTER OF […]

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  • Forage Forage 4 months ago

    Brad mentioned JIT (Just in Time) Years back I worked for one of the big blue chip companys that started that whole JIT.. but this JIT was quickly spreading like a all kinds of industries.. Specifically.. Grocery Stores!. Fast forward a bunch of years.. 2016.. I got into doing some interesting work in merchandising, which required me to go in and out of big box grocery stores.. all day.. throughout the week..and I had to communicate with management/staff. I had great conversations with the old timers about "back in the day". Interesting there are still a few people left out there that have 20+ years in with the same store.. or have years of exp..with different stores… So to the point, the general clueless about how this First.. the storage space in a big grocery store..has been reduced to about 1/10th of what it used to be..and 90% of the space in their back area is dedicated to paper good, cleaning products, personal care products, water, soda. Very, very, very little space is for perishable foods..! Second..people have false understanding of "Stores have 3 days of food!".. TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY INCORRECT PERCEPTION. In a nutshell..what you see on the shelf right now is pretty much what they have on any given day.. Space for items is continuously changing, usually shrinking as more products via for valuable space. Now.. The amount of time it would take to clear those shelves in an panic/ much closer to about 3 to 4 hours at best. Factors.. are the population density and the moral integrity of that community.. And we could go on for hours about that, but I wont.
    Listen and watch these videos, grow some food.. learn different techniques.. You'll be glad you did.

  • Rummy gem 4 months ago

    Are these lights available in the UK ? how can you keep a constant seed supply for growing micro greens ? thanks for doing this work and sharing . J u k

  • Sagans Run 4 months ago

    They are currently sold out. ☹️
    And beyond my budget.
    I have 6 LED lights this size but not this brand.
    I guess they are exspensive because of their quality..
    I sure wish I could have 6 of these
    But I'm on limited SS retirement income.. yeah.. I paid for my benefits. I want to grow green beans, tomatoes, microgreens. Squash, etc.. I would love to grow inside. Even though I have 32 acres in South Central Texas.

  • DIY Solar Homestead 4 months ago

    gogi berries are super foods

  • DIY Solar Homestead 4 months ago

    You are both amazing for teaching tons of people to prepare for the future

  • Conny Bjaaland 4 months ago

    I have a easy to grow superfood for everyone to grow, and the seeds are cheap. It’s sold as a cover crop and it’s one of the highest protein plants out there. RED CLOVER! They taste like a green beens.

  • JoeyMcSmokey 4 months ago

    Thank you for doing this series. I eat golgi’s everyday and had no idea I could grow them at home from what I but at my local grocery store. I already grow herbs and am Looking at getting my 1st grow lights and trying micro greens this winter. I’m on very limited means with 2 boys in college. Got my seeds and growing cartons, any suggestions on a lower cost, full spectrum grow light for small spaces?

  • Conny Bjaaland 4 months ago

    Can you grow moringa indoors with these lights?

  • tangobayus 4 months ago

    Keep in mind that with microgreens you get a crop every 14 days. Lettuce takes about 60 days. The nutritional value of microgreens is much higher than mature crops. Head lettuce sells for about 10 cents an ounce; microgreens for $2 an ounce. Microgreens do not need as much light as plants grown to maturity. You don't need full spectrum for microgreens- just the blue light. I'm at a point where I realize that automating the watering is very important.

  • semaj epits 4 months ago

    if plants not going to seed then where does seed comes from. there are people who will not know.

  • MrBikeman7 4 months ago

    Questions to the seed suppliers

    Q1 how much seed do we need per year to feed a family of 5?
    Q2 how much will that cost
    Q3 how many years do we need to prepare for?
    Q4 how many people can you supply at these rates
    Q5 what grow area will feed a family of 5?

  • James Hines 4 months ago

    Do you have property rights; and if you do not are you even allowed to grow food indoors? I do believe this is a logical question that needs to be asked because the housing market and the rise of property and homes is a factor that may end up be a block on ones ability to truly learn to do their own food production.

  • Slaterdom 4 months ago

    Dave are micro greens enough? what would be the amount of seeds needed for 3 people? how much space is needed…..

  • Graham Craig 4 months ago

    Started my garden indoors this January under Hps lights in tents. Moved outside to the polytunnel when spring finally arrived (I'm in Scotland) and it worked well, I also planted a load of spuds. Be doing the same this winter although I may start a little earlier. Indoor growing is a MUST.

  • kroikye 4 months ago

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  • Lisa Loves 4 months ago

    What is a grow light ?

  • Lynda Harris 4 months ago

    Evidently the ultimate super food is broccoli sprouts check out Dr Rhonda Patrick on sulphoraphane.

  • FAITH IS THE WAY 4 months ago

    What about organic seeds