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Brad Buttrick from Hidden Harvest Grow Lights and I spoke about how the world will need to move agriculture indoor as the Grand Solar Minimum intensifies. This will include increased UV, out of season storms hot and cold both, more cosmic rays and heavy winds. *Full Spectrum Daylight White Led Grow light drawing 36 watts of power *Indoor farming *Grand Solar Minimum intensification *How global climate is shifting and where it will shift next *Types of vegetables and plants you can grow indoor *Decreasing Total Solar Irradiance *Cosmic Rays and the effect on plant growth *Increasing levels of UV as the magnetosphere weakens *How get started growing your own food indoors (microgreens) *Wheatgrass, Moringa, Goji and other superfoods Hidden Harvest YT Channel ADAPT 2030 Mini Ice Age FB Page Content Provided by David DuByne You can also find this Mini Ice Age Conversations podcast on iTunes / Stitcher Radio / Soundcloud Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsIndoor Farming Which you Can Do Yourself (Part 2 of 3)Self Pollinating Rotary Drum Garden, the Future of Indoor Agriculture | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035 (396)Etna Volcanic Ash Advisory & World Begins Transition to Indoor Agriculture (324)Future Farming: Indoor farming provides alternative to traditional agricultureBowery Farming Leads the Way with Indoor Agriculture to Help Feed a Growing PopulationIndoor Farming: The Future of Agriculture

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  • Erick Orantes 9 months ago

    I sell these vertical aeroponic systems

    98% less water, 95% less space, 30% more yields because plants grow 3X faster, & produces in dollar value what the towers are worth in 6-7 months. No soil, tilling, weeding, pests, offgas. Self sustainable, indoors and outdoors, everything you need comes included for one year.
    Studied at the University of Mississippi and found to have equal or greater levels of nutrition then even the highest quality land based methods! study here…
    I've worked in agriculture; aquaponics for 4 years and conventionally for 1, & now starting an urban farm using these towers. This system works flawlessly for me.

  • ian's forge 9 months ago

    i have a small solar panel set up. so what?

  • assassinate evil 9 months ago

    can't buy grow lights 4 10 years in the states

  • Sharon Peterson 9 months ago

    Very informative video! It has given me a lot to think about.

  • Stacy Dale Barendse 9 months ago

    but dark winter will not feed the solar panels

  • glennwmurphy1 9 months ago


  • Conny Bjaaland 9 months ago

    How come nobody talks about pollination? I’ve been trying to grow tomatoes but my flowers don’t produce any fruits.

  • Jack Huhta 9 months ago

    They are stopping your video at 8:10 mark

  • Equate Null 9 months ago

    Weather Wars Against "We The People"…..
    They couldn't get the guns from the populace so…they will starve you. to death…
    it"s been done before.
    They will also pass a law against hording food and will confiscate your food.
    I hope by now everyone is awake enough to realize…the government is NOT your friend and …
    you are merely a resource.

  • ABQ Med Grow 9 months ago

    Thanks Man, Very informative video….. Thank you….. Peace

  • Eliza Raffles 9 months ago

    but where do you get the seed from? Who will be growing to get seeds?

  • Valerie Bronz 9 months ago

    Everyone has to remember obama passed laws giving the gov. The rt. To take ur food from the field from ur garden from your pantry.

  • Loren Husky 9 months ago

    If weather gets to the point that the vast majority of outside crops fail, there's not going to be anyone around to maintain the electrical grid. The grid going down means your grow lights are completely worthless. Neither a solar installation or a diesel generator will save you for long, though they might prolong the inevitable. No electricity, no oil being pumped out of the ground any longer and turned into various fuels. You get where I'm going with this.

  • Timothy Thomas 9 months ago

    David I would love to share pictures of my moringa trees . They are small at this stage. I got the inspiration of the idea from you. I would have never known of them. I have been giving
    moringa seeds I picked up on amazon great germination.rates . Here is a link to a US domestic company selling these on Amazon. Paisley farms The best way I found is also the easiest way to germinate. Get plastic containerclear plastic tub. Line with paper towels and wet the paper towels peel of the shell and lay seeds on paper towels and then cover seeds with wet paper towels paper towel. Cover container and sit in area where they can get sun light. 4 TO 7 DAYS YOU WILL HAVE 70 TO 90 % GERMINATION.

  • Lisa Macdouall 9 months ago

    G'day David, do not know how to contact you but this is very central, Australia… lol

  • Brian Betts 9 months ago

    Britebart is a propaganda news outlet. They only publish stories that agree with their narrative, regardless of truth. It is a provable fact they publish false articles and blatant lies. They are not a defensible news organization. Right now you have facts on your side, if you continue to support people who have been proven to lie for their own gains, you will automatically be taken less seriously. You will be seen as so desperate to find any shred of evidence that you will resort to using articles published by a news company that will lie about a true story if It doesn't go far enough to support their beliefs.

  • Vote Patrick Little US senate 9 months ago

    is there a facebook group for people preparing for this??

  • Stu da gr8 9 months ago

    Led suck..they should be avoided… The blue and red purple colour would only be good for seedling (spring sunlight)..when your plant go in to flower nothing will beat hps for power ,lumens,spectrum perfectly,…. Besides led make a mad frequency. So technically you will have mutant fruit…stay away if you can…it costs the same in the long run.and solar power to power a grow is a joke….we done this years ago and have documented ….epic fail ..sorry

  • Eric Challender 9 months ago

    Was un subbed today hmmm

  • Sarge Adventures 9 months ago

    Very interesting, hey is that Bug Out Brad??? This is DIY solar and wind