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Indoor Farming – Philips City Farming – Tech News 2016 Pretty soon, the world is going to reach a tipping point. We’ll have too many people living on the planet, and not enough arable land to raise crops to feed all the hungry mouths. Agriculture will need to adapt in order to keep pace, and one of the most promising ways it’s doing that is by moving indoors. Indoor farms carry a number of big advantages for agriculture. They don’t require the use of herbicides or pesticides; they can be built in urban areas to eliminate shipping costs; and they can even grow plants faster and more efficiently than traditional farms. In 2015, for example, Philips built an experimental indoor farm in the Netherlands that employs a connected, customizable LED system to provide specialized lighting sequences that target each plant’s ideal growth requirements — thus boosting yields and slashing grow times. There’s actually a factory in Japan that uses a similar method to produce lettuce — and the facility can pump out over 30,000 heads per day, every single day of the year. Related PostsUS city adopts eco-friendly ‘vertical farming’Philips City FarmingPhilips GrowWise Center – Our blueprint for vertical farmingHigh Tech Agriculture – 9 Billion Mouths to Feed: The Future of Farming (Ep. 4)Metro Crops – Turning Old Factories into High Tech Lettuce Farms – Storrs ConnecticutVertical farming: Plenty receives $200 million investment from tech giants – TomoNews

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