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This is a preview of my first true High Pressure AeroPonics system. I hope to be more consistent with my videos and will pick a day where I will present a video each week instead of having everyone guess when I have a new video out 🙂 Related PostsHow to Grow Garden Vegetables In Small SpacesVertical Gardening In An Urban Environment – Growing Vegetables In Small SpacesGrow food in small spaces with a vertical herb gardenVegetable gardening in small spacesThe best grow tower for small spacesDecoupling Light & Heat in Indoor Farms (Announcement Preview)

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  • Michael Greene 1 year ago

    Thanks for showing us your video. Would you mind sharing some more information about your system. Whose short cycle timer are you using, per filters, and housing vertical pipe or plastic barrel. I plan on building an aeroponic system and I not what to reinvent the wheel. Thanks for sharing Mike.

  • mike x 1 year ago

    does this type setup produce mist as dry as the 5 micron mist with the atomizer type setup and very low water usage?

  • skyler brown 1 year ago

    Arms of a werewolf, voice of an awkward 13yo.

  • raphael 1 year ago

    thanks for sharing!

  • DrDevo6 1 year ago

    Which pump model are you using?

  • Charles Coleman 1 year ago

    sooooooooooo……… you want to pressurize plastic. Nice bomb if it builds to high.

  • andrew hodgkinson 1 year ago

    Cant wait to see what this spray bar is for.