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In the Night Garden 420 – Waving from Ninky Nonk | Cartoons for Kids ► Subscribe to In the Night Garden: In the Night Garden 231 – Looking for Each Other | Full Episode Compilation | Cartoons for Kids 🌿 🌱🌾 Watch the LATEST episodes of In The Night Garden➡️… 🌿 🌱🌾 More FULL episodes of In The Night Garden ➡️… 🌿 🌱🌾 ALL episodes of In The Night Garden! ➡️… Igglepiggle is taking a ride on the Ninky Nonk; Upsy Daisy then gets on, she and Igglepiggle wave to each other from their different carriages.� The Ninky Nonk travels around the garden and soon everybody is on board.� The Tombliboos and Makka Pakka wave to Upsy Daisy and Igglepiggle.� Even the teeny tiny Pontipines are waving to their neighbours the Wottingers.� Everybody loves waving. And so begins In The Night Garden… a thoroughly modern interpretation of a nursery rhyme picture book that takes children on an imaginative journey to meet a host of wonderfully silly characters living together within a happy and caring community. Do you know the characters from In the Night Garden? ★ Igglepiggle! ★ Igglepiggle is physical and energetic – a well-loved teddy always jumping and bouncing around. He’s curious and adventurous, but also vulnerable and modest. Despite his energy he is often in need of reassurance and comfort, which he gets from his best friend Upsy Daisy and his red blanket. ★ Upsy Daisy! ★ Upsy Daisy is a happy and optimistic dolly. She loves nothing more than to dance through the garden and often convinces other character to join in. One of her favourite things is her bed, which has a mind of its own and can often be seen chasing her around the garden. ★ Makka Pakka! ★ Makka […]

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