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Industrial Developer John Edel, IIT Professor Blake Davis and their team of students and volunteers are developing the first large-scale vertical farm in Chicago. Hear from them regarding the future of Urban Agriculture. Find out more at Shooter – Ben Kolak Sound – Daniel Postilnik Editor & Original Score – Dave Nagel – The Plant is a project of Bubbly Dynamics, LLC. Founded on a model of closing waste, resource, and energy loops, The Plant is working to show what truly sustainable food production and economic development looks like by growing and producing food inside an repurposed industrial building. LINKS: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @PlantChicago | Related PostsThe Plant: Industrial-Scale Urban Agriculture in ChicagoC of C 2-4-12 Plant Chicago: Farming for the Future A Net-Zero Energy Vertical FarmThe Plant – An Urban Aquaponics & Sustainable Agriculture ProjectFarming our future — The urban agriculture revolution | David Gingera | TEDxManitobaJohn Edel. Indoor Urban AgricultureVertical Farms and the Future of Agriculture

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