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30 years back in time here is Roof Garden. Its part 1 more is comming. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAL JARREAU – Roof Garden (Best of Al Jarreau)Al Jarreau – Roof GardenAl Jarreau – Roof Garden (Official Video)Bok Tower Gardens Carillon concert (part 1)Al Jarreau – Roof Garden ☆ Live In London • 1984 [HQ AUDIO]Al Jarreau – Roof Garden (live, 1994)

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  • Pascal Laborie 10 months ago

    Le titre Roof Garden est sorti sur l'album "Breakin' Away" en 1981 ????

  • oldschoolbbass 10 months ago

    looks like Alphonso Johnson on bass

  • nzinga zindua 10 months ago

    The god, Al Jarreau. A legend in his own time.

  • Cazzag G 10 months ago

    3:09…..just pure genius; you can see it on everyone's face! 🙂

  • Леонид Холкин 10 months ago


  • nzinga zindua 10 months ago

    Thanks for posting.  One of his funnest song's to listen to.  Makes me wanna dance and smile, leavin' all my care's behind.

  • Norman Hirsch 10 months ago

    fantastic funk, Al Jarreau.   I wanna go both!

  • chadvonswan 10 months ago

    The most influential song to have ever been produced

  • Hilman Talib 10 months ago

    Does anyone know who the bassist is?

  • SD7268 10 months ago

    is not Stanley Clarke, but he play with the Clarke style 😉

  • Angel Anthonioz Blanc 10 months ago

    es stanley clarke realmente o se parece mucho???? muy buena version muy fresca!

  • Sylvain Hémart 10 months ago

    Stanley Clarke à la basse ?

  • Stefan Christoff 10 months ago

    Stupendous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blake Kersey 10 months ago

    And also this isn't 1980, this song/album wasn't released till 1981.

  • Blake Kersey 10 months ago

    DAMN!!! This is too bad!! Can't wait for part 2!

  • lmallen77 10 months ago

    Thank you this is one of my favorite Al Jarreau songs I luv this! More of this concert PLEEZE !!! Thanks again does anyone wanna go waltzing in the garden ? Does anyone wanna go dance up on the roof ? Well evidently we all do! Luv to all Jarreau fans and Mr. Jarreau for making this music for us to cherish and listen to!

  • Thierry Guedj 10 months ago

    THANK YOU ! Wonderful… Please give us more from this show ! Jarreau was at his best at that time.

  • MrKITCHENTALK 10 months ago

    Before my mother got into church music this is all she use to play I call this car music lol turn it up at the red light