Improve Your Vegetable Garden's Food Abundance | Ideas and Skills That Make a Difference

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This video is all about simple tips and techniques I have learned and use to help establish long-term food abundance from the vegetable garden. Hopefully, you will find these ideas to make your vegetable garden more productive in the long-term useful, and if you do have any questions please do not hesitate to ask down below.

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HuwsNursery is a channel which dedicates itself to teaching you how to grow an abundance of food at your home. Videos are uploaded every week and cover a vast range of subjects including; soil health, sowing, transplanting, weeding, organic tips, permaculture, pest control, harvesting and low maintenance growing to name a few.

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Improve Your Vegetable Garden's Food Abundance | Ideas and Skills That Make a Difference

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  • Nikki

    Eating seasonally helps me stay excited about my fruit and veg. I will be over tomatoes by late fall but I won’t have fresh tomatoes again until early summer the next year.

  • Nikki

    I love the idea of small changes over time with big results. I’m in the States and most of my methods are yours and Charles Dowdings methods, it’s easy enough to adapt.
    Wait, hastas are edible!

  • /;gja;'ipgfhj'a[p;irkg

    Hi Huw, do you take your greenhouse (in the background at 9:44) down during the winter or do you leave it up all year? I am wondering if ones like that one collapse in heavy snow. Thank you for your great info! 🙂

  • KTinNZ

    Great crop of New Zealand Yams you have grown. Coming from NZ I love them but they tend to be on the expensive side, even when in season. Guess I'll just have to find myself an old tyre and grow my own : )

  • Tessa Silberbauer

    Here in South Africa, the plank method of germinating parsnips and carrots is tricky because the planks warp into gutter shapes. So this time I'm covering the planks with a thick layer of mulch. I hope that doing this will prevent the warping but still avoid the seedlings getting disturbed by stray straws – remove the mulch then the plank and crosses fingers the seedlings will stay in place. I will try to remember to give you feedback in a few weeks

  • Marika Lehman

    Hello from Australia!
    This was an enjoyable episode and I share your sentiments about learning tips and methods from other cultures and countries. Vegetable gardening is universal and any method or advise that yields great results (no matter the geographical source) should absolutely be tried and/or tweaked for suitability!
    Hopefully you will not be offended by my next comment as it is with your interest in mind…
    As an influencer, you have a responsibility to clarify with your audience – especially those new to vegetable gardening and the vulnerably uninformed – that you line your tyre planters to prevent heavy metals from leeching into the soil and thus your crops. This should be done every time they appear in an episode, even if they appear only briefly.
    It would be terrible if people thought that it was safe not to do so and then fell ill as a result.
    Furthermore, by not clarifying, seasoned gardeners like myself may dismiss you as an 'amateur' and may therefore miss your intelligent and insightful content.
    Credibility is everything in the online gardening world, and every second of content (including your background content) must be critically analysed and overtly explained to ensure that your credibility stays intact.

    I do look forward to enjoying more of your Channel, despite my comment. It is refreshing and touches very much on how my own brain works when I am planning and considering my garden and crops.

  • June Williams

    Cracking video as always, Huw. I spent five minutes looking at a bed on my allotment after watching your video about observation and made three changes for next years planning!