Important skills of landscape architecture

Landscape designer and SketchUp expert Daniel Tal highlighted some important techniques to help simplify the landscape workflow in SketchUp. With years of experience, he will guide you on best practices regarding work plans, extensions, shortcuts, drone photo matching, terrain modeling and rendering options. Important link DHM design: Daniel’s website: SketchUp Essentials: Expansion Warehouse: Simlab Soft Expansion: PlaceMaker Expansion:.


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  • Lorenz Tribucio

    where specifically in the website can i download the free components? it is quiet confusing. im so sorry

  • vicarioustube

    wonderful thank you so much I am 60+ self taught and am often fighting about rendering as I am more of a space volume creator but he complexity of rendering programs just is overwhelming to try to achieve that photo realism, that we think is needed. I often opt out and go to PS or other even less famous software like fastoneimageviewer etc and create things that are more on the Artistic side that just trying to replicate photography. I registered and will explore your gifts etc Thank you so much. In the moment I am battling to drape a pattern on grounds around a concept building. My mesh looks all triangular NOT squares and I wonder if that is the reason my landscape (flower and rock beds) pattern doesn't want to adhere to the grounds.Thanks again for all your tips LIKED and subscribed like a good boy 🙂

  • Eric Whiting

    Unfortunately hardly any of these extensions (outliner, Dynascape, Smustard) are available on the Extension Warehouse. Not sure if they were deleted, or what – or perhaps they don't work with 2020 Pro??

  • Lui Lainez

    @00:16:34 Check out Fotosketcher software (free app on platform) for "painting rendering" an image. Your stuff looks great but if you want a fast way to render a "painting look" for any image, Fotosketcher is the app for you.

  • Tanya Forrest

    Thanks so much. I’m working through your book at the moment, so we’ll set out and follow-I’m learning so much.

  • Lion Heart

    Excellent Video! Sorry for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you tried – Patlarny Fit Yourself Principle (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a good exclusive product for getting 7250 breathtaking landscaping designs minus the headache. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my m8 finally got excellent results with it.

  • Ahmed Alrashdi

    Hi guys..
    I got a problem with my sketchup ..its very slow ..especially when I work on big models like landscape ..
    Tell me what should I do..
    I have alienware laptop work station

  • ArtWorks Envisioneering

    Super tips, and much appreciated. I want that street scene building app! One next level tip on shortcuts is invest in a multi button gaming mouse, programmed with your most frequently used shortcuts. Incredible time saver.

  • sage1828

    Daniel Tal is great in sharing practical tips in SketchUp! Such a fan ever since his first talk in Basecamp, as well as his rendering book. Super helpful!

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