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Take a peak at our home garden that we’re preparing for spring planting and learn why we believe gardening is important for our health and the future generation. To buy natural health supplements visit: For more health tips and information visit: Related PostsTanya on the importance of Gardening for ChildrenThe Future of Transportation in NJ (2005)Gardening with Children at home ep1The importance of learning about the brainGood Project For Kids Is Gardening How To Do Which Are Best Plants To Grow Children Gardening TipsVegetable Gardening : How to Plant a Vegetable Garden for Children Step by Step

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  • ras berry 4 years ago

    Cute kids:)

  • Jimena Lerma 4 years ago

    That's Awesome! You are great inspiration. it was through your videos that I started to take charge of my health and heal naturally.
    Thank you for making these videos.