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Illumitex LED Grow light bars like these and fixtures utilizing Illumitex Horticultural LED’s are available from so please check out our website and get yours today! Illumitex provided 100% of the LED lighting in this vertical farm. The installation utilized Eclipse light fixtures with F1 spectrum Surexi LEDs. The Eclipse fixtures are IP66 rated (waterproof), and deliver a custom spectrum from a single LED package. This video features both the germination room and the larger grow room. Applications: • Greenhouse Lighting • Vertical Farming • Indoor Hydroponics • University R&D • Pharmacology Development Features: • Revolutionary U.S.A. designed and patented LED arrays • Maximum light on plants, 50˚ precise square beam lenses • Custom spectra for various species and growth periods • Highest delivered PPF per watt than any other light • Modular 360˚ Plug & Play, put light where you want it! • LED is IP66 wet location rated vs. HID bulb explosion on water contact • Unrivaled wavelength color uniformity and spectrums available • Saves on Air Conditioning costs, Nutrients, Exhaust venting, Electricty • BRIGHTER than Solar noon in the summer time • Safe, Low voltage operation with no fire or electrocution hazards • Long life LEDs with minimal depreciation of intensity • Undetectable by FLIR or Smart Meters like HID bulbs • Incredibly low power consumption, just 13 Watts ~ 0.001¢/hour • Operatable from a small inverter for ‘off grid’ use in rural areas • LED Development Partners w/ Syngenta Agri ( Billion Sales) • Fast Return on investment, pay back in just a few months! Details: Diamond™ LED Lighting fixtures incorporate a patented, breakthrough class of Illumitex™ LEDs that are light years ahead of existing LED products that still use reflectors and antiquated glass light bulbs like HPS, Metal Halide & Florescent. The Diamond™ Horticulture […]

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    do you have any update of this video ?

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    That was pretty useless

  • Led Growlights 4 years ago

    verticle farms requires lot of grow tubes, those are usually for vegetables, flowers, seeds, for flowering marijuana, High power and high par led grow lights are preferred