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GoFundMe Patreon Paypal Help fight for your Constitutional protections. While exercising my right to record in public outside an Army Reserve Center in Garden Grove California the Police Department detained me for suspision of being a terrorist and participating in espionage.Thank you to Teen4Justice, Who publishes an online magazine, for getting on the phone with Garden Grove and for High Desert Community Watch for staying on the phone with me during my detainment. Please support this channel Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGARDEN GROVE POLICE DEPT. FAIL (PART 1)Planting My First Vegetable Garden | Small Backyard GardeningMeeting Held With Police Dept, Ulema & Others At Arfah Garden, Adilabad.Our first flower Garden. Kids Gardening VideoTower Garden Home – First ImpressionsGarden City, Mo., shuts down police department

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  • Joe Framo 2 years ago

    The way things are going on right now this day in age with terrorist activities this guy's being a punk troublemaker he knows he has rights but yet he'll continue on being a little bastard that he is I wish somebody grabs him around the neck and knock the hell out of them that's what I wish

  • Lydia Sinclair 2 years ago

    When a pig that thinks hes above the law is training another officer…. it makes total sense why people are so afraid.. And this is why we record every chance we get.

  • stewart sutton 2 years ago

    In my opinion this is the best video to come along in a while. You handeled it like a pro.

  • Steve Douglas 2 years ago

    He's a cop. He can't be called law enforcement when he don't know the laws ,or he's just lieing .

  • stewart sutton 2 years ago

    there are dumb cops and then there are really dumb cops. This guy is a moron.

  • Luis Rivera 2 years ago

    Wow are you that dumb you picked and army base stupid you're not dealing with city or state you're now dealing with the federal government which can exercise any laws the feel like and the federal government basically always right. No matter how much they are wrong.

  • Shane bogle 2 years ago

    And they carry pr24. That's funny. Those went out in the 90s. That's what the beat Rodney King with. You are 9x more likely to be be killed by police in the U.S. than a terrorist

  • Shane bogle 2 years ago

    He said watch it with this guy. Lmoa

  • BBD HUNTING 2 years ago

    This cop has no idea what he's doing.what a loser.your gonna use numbers and worthless fat couldn't be a sercurity guard at Walmart.dumbass….

  • BBD HUNTING 2 years ago

    This fat fuck has no clue what the law is.please fire this worthless fuck.

  • White Wolf 2 years ago

    I love it. Filming the army trucks and the signs is espionage. Somebody needs to tell Putin and Kim. They don't need to spend billions on nukes. All they need to do is come on down and take pictures and then they'll know exactly how to take out the Pentagon. Next thing you know, it'll be sabotage. Just take some pictures and the wheels fall off. Can't wait.

  • Bobby B 2 years ago

    a perfect pig

  • michael rogers 2 years ago

    cant we all just get along ??? i believe in the constitution but what is it going to hurt to give him your I.D. i give them mine all the time and they know who i am now and what im doing when they see me out. they dont even bother me . i have even sold them an ar rifle and optics and barrels and stuff. believe me its better to not piss them off . you migh have a law suit but is it worth it to make them your enemy ??? you now police have a control issue problems they short circuit in thier brain whe the lose control and dont know what to do . i dont know wht they dont know atleast the bill of rights or the constitution .

  • Robert Parker 2 years ago

    I could watch these all day, you are a brave freedom fighter. The problem with all of the cops in these videos is that none of them know how to get out of the situation. They need to be trained how to get away from these situations instead of escalating them to a point they can't get out.

  • Ameya Gaitonde 2 years ago

    I understand auditing the cops. They interact with citizens. A number of them (cops) are arrogant and/or ignorant bullies. But why the army, man? These guys mostly stay out of everyone's way and die for the country, don't they?

  • Bite Mee 2 years ago

    Why are cops still this stupid?

  • 1HUFFMAN 2 years ago

    How many times did you invoke your 5th amendment then you start talking ? That perplexed me. Also , how much $ did you get compensated for being illegally detained. I assume it was a hefty amount.

  • Captain Y. Submarine 2 years ago

    Lol that took a HALF HOUR to release a guy…how many murders occurred while they were messing with him?….

  • Kevin Nelson 2 years ago

    This cop looks like curly from the three stooges!!! Lol

  • HSLNHRD707 K.A.H 2 years ago

    When they detained you for Suspicion of espionage That just tells me… What are they hiding and why????