idrolab® Hydroponics RDWC Systems Intro.

The idrolab® Hydroponics RDWC systems combine the DWC advantages with multiple plant recirculating hydroponics systems principles to give yours plants an explosive growth.

– Design and manufactured in Italy
– Best quality/price ratio systems on the market
– Modular and Scalable
– Yield increased
– Profit increased
– Decreased labor

Grow Big Or Go Home

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idrolab® Hydroponics RDWC Systems Intro

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    OK first off you need to move the airlines that are connecting to the air stones through the lid so that way when you remove the plant it does not tear the roots because the air hose is connected to the led… also you should concentrate more on draining because it is impossible to drain the system completely with the set up.. you guys should send these to me for testing that way I can tell you what needs to be changed

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