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Very easy to copy everything in this video, it essentially contains everything you need to grow massive amounts of vegetables or herbs ($ $ $ $ ) in a tiny space in your house. Everything you can find in walmart! ***EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BUILD DOWN BELOW You will need -Plastic Container (the deeper for the bigger the plant (tall growing plants like tomatoes, peas or marijuana will need a deeper container to handle root capacity. -Air Pump (this will keep a constant flow of oxygen to your fragile roots and help them grow quickly) -Air Stone and 1/4 tubing (air stones break large amounts of air into many small bubbles evenly disturbing the fresh air to the roots.) **** AIR IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR ROOTS, do not cheap out on a small air pump if you plan on growing many plants or marijuana, the bigger the better. -Nutrients (Nutrients are the life and soul of the water and will supply your new plants will many nutrients that can be found in soil plus some extra) (when growing most plants you will want to get a VEG nutrient for when the plant is new and young, and a FLOWER nutrient for when the plant is fruiting. (Do your research dependent on plant you are growing.) You will need to swap the water once every 1-3 weeks dependent on quality and smell. If the water is healthy just add more mixture to top it off. **** Do some googling to find out the right % concentration of nutrients and water. most nutrients will have a guide on the container, remember LESS IS MORE. half the recommended dosage until the plant is large. RockWool – (These are small green cubes that you put cuttings, clones, or seeds into) (grow medium)(Cheap at most […]

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