Ideas for Designing Woodland Gardens | Garden Style (514)

In this episode of Garden Style, host P. Allen Smith will discuss the idea of ​​designing a woodland garden. Allen visited the oldest national park in the United States, shared the woodland plants he planted in his backyard, and demonstrated an interesting way to reuse broken clay pots. Topics include hot spring Gavin Woodland Garden Tour Mysterious Garden Home Design Garden Design Inspired by British Gardens, American Landscape Architecture History Allen’s Garden Design 12 Design Principles Using Broken Terracotta Warriors to Make Toad Houses—–This video is sponsored by the following sponsors Make. (So ​​go check it out!) Gilbert H. Wild and Son-America’s most popular flower farm and nursery: —– P. Allen Smith is a landscape and garden designer, gardener, conservationist and TV host. His passion covers topics such as community, health, sustainability and history. He has designed many of the most famous real estate, townhouses and commercial complexes in the United States. For 19 years, he has shared his green knowledge and insights with the public through ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, his own PBS TV and six books. Currently, Allen focuses on beautiful residential, commercial and community design to improve our satisfaction, as well as our social and physical health. To learn more about:…Allen’s gardening interests and secrets, please sign up for his weekly newsletter:…visit the Allen Garden House above the Arkansas River, see…Allen on his social media For the favorite plants mentioned in, see: To see many of the plants mentioned by Allen in his post planted in his own garden, see… To keep Allen’s garden and landscape design company, see… …An inter-generational community inspired by the Allen Garden House in Monroe, Los Angeles, please refer to Allen’s official website: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Twitter:.


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