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If you watched my “40 Facts About Me” video (… ) you should already know that gardening + me = EPIC FAIL…so when I found some indoor gardening kits, I HAD to check them out. I mean who fails at indoor gardening? The kits are super cool and very easy to set up! Comment below your indoor and outdoor gardening experiences! Also as always, visit my website listed below for recipes, to sign up for my newsletter and follow me (the coolest person) on social media. Join the Plant-Powered Haile community: ▷ Subscribe to videos:… ► Website: ▷ Sign up for the PPH newsletter: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Google Plus:… Related PostsIndoor Hydroponic Spinach Update – S2 Episode SomethingHydroponic System Experiment – South Florida – Backyard GardeningIndoor Vegetable Garden ExperimentVenturi Experiment – Small DIY Venturi for Hydroponics, Aquaponics or AquariumsBest answers to YOUR indoor gardening questionsHow to Set up a Hydroponic Drip System for Indoor Gardening | Versagrow |

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  • Em Sk 1 year ago

    I can't wait for an update!!

  • AaronAJL 1 year ago

    Nice video! if u can check my channel and new video that ll be great btw keep it up subbed :)

  • GREENMIND 1 year ago

    they also have sprouting racks and sprouting trays VS the can ..lolol..normaly in cooking they would say do not leave food in the can after opening

  • GREENMIND 1 year ago

    cool….you got the guaranteed success gardening item..couldn't possibly fail