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This is just a video/slide show form of the lyrics thing I did on tumblr a while back. I was going to add in a few animations, in particular with the text, but I didn’t have much time to work with this, so I’ll do it with the next video (if I come around to completing that one haha) It’s fun how many different ways you can tell stories Song is from Nickelback, I take no credit for it OTGW (c) Cartoon Network/Patrick McHale really quick art XP (c) moi Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsChapter One Full Preview I Over The Garden Wall I Cartoon NetworkOver The Garden Wall – Behind The Scenes | Cartoon NetworkAll 10 Over the Garden Wall SongsOver The Garden Wall – Behind The Scenes | Cartoon NetworkOver the Garden Wall Vlogs: Part 2Over the Garden Wall Complete Miniseries Review

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  • Fruit Fanatic 1 year ago

    Over the garden wall was one of the BEST shows I've ever seen. Shame it was a miniseries. I really wish it would be made into a show.

  • Julian Wizard 1 year ago

    guys wirt isn't dead he just made the decision with the beast to guard Greg's soul so Greg can go back but imagine if this happed how sad it would be…

  • BlockMaster Pro-Champion-At-Life 1 year ago

    Watched it hundreds of times . . .

    . . . Still Cry every time . . .

  • Lidya Walker 1 year ago

    Have mercy!! MY FEELS!!
    Is beautiful, so beautiful, I can't stop crying (':

  • adhdkid1234 1 year ago

    I think i sprung a leak a manly leak

  • Karima Moussaoui 1 year ago


  • Karima Moussaoui 1 year ago


  • Addy Propst 1 year ago

    Don't cry, don't cry! dang it! I cried.

  • Julian Wizard 1 year ago

    I cried like 11 timez

  • Spooky Steve 1 year ago

    Wait the lantern is still burning? Oh shit.

  • Sleeve Lovecraft 1 year ago

    I did not cry this time! Nope never mind…

  • Blueystar AJ 1 year ago

    The older one is dead?

  • Quinn-die-Fabelhaft 1 year ago


  • Kaitlyn M 1 year ago

    oh my god I'm crying

  • gnovaflame Darksoulfire (Korosu) 1 year ago


  • MercyFoxAMVs 1 year ago

    I knew I shouldn't had watched. Q~Q

  • Wolf Flame 1 year ago

    Is it bad that no matter how many times I watch this video, I never cry? Not even the first time. Why am I not crying?

  • J.K. Peacock 1 year ago

    O.o Beautiful. Positively beautiful. <3

  • Jacob Fischbach 1 year ago

    goddamn. i think i just got ran over by the feels train

  • Here comes the general 1 year ago

    damn it why am I crying?! The feels are real ;-;