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Another great week every thing continues to bulk up. Not too much to say, coming into the final stages and am really excited. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHyperaerated aeroponic system, Germination to Harvest Ep.15Indoor Harvest Patent Pending Aeroponic SystemHow to Hydroponics: Easy Cilantro / Coriander Complete Guide from Germination to Harvest.Growing Weed with a Hydro System – Germination and Weeks 1 & 2First Aeroponic System: six wks later pt.1Aeroponic system home made part 3

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  • HashHandz DaEarlyBird 5 months ago

    Hell yeah nice

  • Mr.Canucks Grow 5 months ago

    Hey Haenep OG-Kush, hows your weekend going? how big is that tent sir?

  • Chris 5 months ago

    Week Flower?

  • Chris 5 months ago

    Nice grow was you on Mr Boss about LED high failure rate too much light per square foot you could do worse or same or better (very doubtful ) its going to take you 3 grows to work out just what height to have light how much canopy deep you need and you then have to relearn nutes schelude
    Don't risk killing your garden just for little more if you want more double your space and add another light

    I seen your grow vids as for improvements i see none keep knocking it out

  • Bob w 5 months ago

    Cheers coming nicely along!

  • Woody Woody 5 months ago

    Exciting times the garden looks amazing.

  • OneGrowLetsGo 5 months ago

    All looking great 😉

  • Its me, Dave, man 5 months ago

    Hey Haenep, Looks like an awesome garden!