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SEASON 1 will be repeated on SKY TV in October 2013, remixed with improvements and new bits – watch this space for more info… The second in a series of six episodes of HydroShow, the World’s only Hydroponics Magazine TV show – educating the masses on how to use hydroponics, hydroponic systems, plant nutrition and indoor lighting for horticulture. This episode was first broadcast on 13th May 2013. In this episode of Hydroshow, the girls attempt to set up a 12 pot dripper system in this episodes presenter challenge. Gemma interviews Macro Dong from OG reflector. We get some quick growing tips from Robbie of Metrop Concentrated Nutrients and Michael of Holland Hydroponics. Bill gives us a lesson on planting seeds in different growing mediums. We interview Matt from Platinium Hydroponics. Greenfinger Hydroponics of London set up a gadget filled grow room in our Megarooms feature. And Gemma sees a DIY IWS Air Pruning system at the Aquaculture greenhouses. All that and news, this episode’s competition and more. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTHE GARDEN TOWER PROJECT | START UP TV SHOW | SEASON 1 (2013) | EPISODE 3Kids Show; Raised Garden Bed, Indoor Golf and Bottle Rockets | Episode 20, Season 7 (2008)Indoor Hydroponic Spinach Update – S2 Episode SomethingMy Wife and Kids Season 2 Episode 7 (S2EP7) – Michael’s GardenRe-Shingling a Roof | Episode 9, Season 4 (2006)THE GREENWALL MEMBER (OpTic Podcast Season 2 Episode 6)

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