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Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. Our Ohio revisits the VanScoy farm to see how its hydroponic operation is progressing. From Our Ohio show 505, produced in 2006. Read more in Our Ohio magazine: Video Rating: / 5

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  • Pyrate King 1 year ago

    So sad to see so many ignorant comments :(

  • alphasxsignal 1 year ago

    Cheaper to move to Florida for sunshine.

  • alphasxsignal 1 year ago

    And a storm can take that whole building down in less then 10 seconds. Tornados.
    Its can rip through fields but that can be replaced fast ans alot less cost.
    I wouldn't put all my eggs in one basket.

  • abdullah gamezer 1 year ago

    what is the mineral nutrient solution and how we can add and use it  for diffrent tybes of plants

  • Limko Mabu 1 year ago

    The downside of hydroponics is that you will need to buy "plant food" or nutrition and supplements that are pricey.

  • Dipak Res 1 year ago

    that method idea

  • REMIX8604 1 year ago

    does anybody else want to see that full of weed plants?

  • MAntiSystem 1 year ago


  • rodsboots 1 year ago

    actually you can be organic and hydroponic. they do sell organic fertilizer for Hydro systems.

  • LaLa Johnson 1 year ago

    i think what your doing is really nice

  • MisterNickOtine 1 year ago

    as population grows, land and water for farming needs to be used more efficiently and this is the future!

  • Mrodogg73 1 year ago

    Yes organics for ebb and flows exsist and to some degree most liquid based solutions have organic compounds..but having a pure organic nutrient solution seems not cost effective as it would be difficult to recerculate and thus would have to be drained? I wish they would comment on there views of this?..

  • Mrodogg73 1 year ago

    Yes, my assumption would be that the liquid nutrient solution for an ebb and flow type hydro system would not be organic such as is used in soil. That being the case, then y are there product not considered organic? Is it just the fact that its not in soil?

  • McDermottsChannel 1 year ago

    And you say this because they used liquid nutrients? I grow in the ground and use many of the same hydro chemicals that are 100% organic

  • McDermottsChannel 1 year ago

    Not at all. There are plenty of organic solutions for hydro

  • Mrodogg73 1 year ago

    My guess would be that the mineral nutrient solution used to grow in hydroponics disqualifies it from being considered organic. Also.

  • LetTheMelodyFlow 1 year ago

    The definition of organic varies from state to state usually the differences being soil-less and soil. Pesticides aren't necessarily used in hydroponics and wasn't mentioned in the video. So could you tell me, why do you say their hydroponics are not organic?

  • deasttn 1 year ago

    There ain't nothing organic about their hydroponic farm. It doesn't bother me, but just thought you might want to know

  • MrJivePirate 1 year ago

    @Hydroponics4Dummies Sunspots build up over an 11 year timeframe, and solar output is a little bit higher when there are the most sunspots.

  • Hydroponics4Dummies 1 year ago

    Do sunspots affect solar electric systems?