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I show off my new acquisition of buckets and a new computer. Wow week 5 already?! I need to get on this! well at least I can say the weather has not been cooperating. Help me make videos by donating here: Related PostsGardening With Cody Week 7: Hydroponic System Online!Gardening With Cody Week 1:Hydroponics!Bulding Dutch Buckets – DIY HydroponicsDutch Bucket Hydroponics – How It Works & How to Make Your Own BucketsSuperCloset Review | Bubble Flow Buckets | Best Hydroponics SystemNorthstar Hydroponics Grow Kit – A Beginner Getting Started

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  • W19 ELY 6 months ago

    Hydroponics with Cody? My Man!!!!!! "Denzel voice"

  • Deven Corella 6 months ago

    Started my own hydroponics setup in my garage after seeing you start this project. Nothing too big yet, but as of today, I am 12 days into it, and I have quite a lot of growth!

  • outseeker 6 months ago

    GTX 1080 POWAHH!! you're well taken care of with that video card 🙂

  • Central Intelligence Agency 6 months ago

    When I look at mine, a lawn with weeds is a healthy lawn. if you let it grow high there will be more and more wild flowers, makes for an absolutely gorgeous landscape.

  • Austin 6 months ago

    Have you tested to see if light penetrates through those white buckets? If so it may cause algae to grow which can cause lots of issues.

  • interuptingcactus 6 months ago

    Graphics card with 3 fans = crazy fast: I guess there are some things cody can't be an expert at.

  • Timothy Graham 6 months ago

    PC builders for the win

  • DeluminantShadow 6 months ago


  • LunkLoaf Grumble 6 months ago

    Cabel managment t is ugly

  • Jaxon Pickels 6 months ago

    Happy birthday bro

  • Jason Axford 6 months ago

    Next on Cody'sLab: genetically modifying bunnies to eat tree branches.

  • CapelNZ 6 months ago

    same box, motherboard but i got a 1070

  • Cory Sennett 6 months ago

    Happy birthday cody

  • gamerchunk1 6 months ago

    For those wondering: this is probably a RX Radeon 580.

  • noobtotale 6 months ago

    It's Cody! instantly likes without watching vid…

  • MrSporeowns 6 months ago

    interesting, my friend. I happen to be drawing up plans for my "aeroponics" system right now. Can't wait to see how much better my plants are than yours! 😉

  • Jacques Blackfeather 6 months ago

    Hey, Cody, just a tip, and several people have already mentioned this below; be careful if you use straw. It rots rather quickly with moisture and can lead to fungal growth on your plants if you don't change it regularly. Would be a shame to lose your crop due to some pesky mold infecting your buckets.

    Also, while I know you are trying to do this on the cheap for the moment, it might be worth experimenting with inoculating some of your buckets with Bacillus pumilus or Bacillus subtilis at some point in an isolated system (so as to not contaminate your initial system) and compare the growth and overall health of the two sets of plants, as both species of bacteria are nitrogen-fixing bacteria and have anti-fungal properties.

  • Skyshawk 6 months ago

    codys neighbor must think hes crazy when he looks out and sees lines of empty buckets.