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How do you choose the best nutrients for your setup? Synthetic? Organic? Can you even use organic in hydroponics? Plus, river surfing because I saw some guys doing it and thought it was pretty cool. Measuring Shot Glasses General Hydroponics 3 Part fertilizer General Hydroponics Organic fertilizer Master Blend — WORKS GREAT White Balance Card Thingy: Freaking awesome knife to use in the garden: My camera: Sony a6400: My lens: Sigma 30mm f1.4 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsStarting Seeds for Hydroponics: pH Water and Add NutrientsConverting a Plant to Passive Hydroponics + How I Prepare my Nutrients!Grow 240 plants in only 4 sq ft / How I mix hydro nutrients/ Easy DIY HydroponicsAustralian Indoor Grow Room – Hydroponics with House and Garden NutrientsHow to prepare hydroponics nutrients solutions हाइड्रोपोनिक पोषक घोल कैसे बनाते।MAINE GROW LIGHTS HYDROPONICS PORTLAND, NUTRIENTS INDOOR GARDENING SUPPLIES HTGSUPPLY HTG SUPPLY

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    Circling back to that tshirt shop on the moon, are you still looking for space biznis partners? I know I’m a few months late but C-19 got me WFH rn and I’ve got time. As a space biznisman I can bring a lot to a space partnership- including (but not limited to) my original framed XFiles poster “I want to believe” and a framed certificate from the scholarly periodical teen beat magazine which testified that I am “Outta This World!!!” (It has 3 exclamation marks which correspond to my space rank and an accurate rending of George Clinton wearing sunglasses that are shaped like a double thumbs up.) Thank you for considering my qualifications as your future space biznis partner. I look forward to working with you in our lunar souvenir shop. -Joe, a human Earth hydrofarmer

  • cicco 1 month ago

    Awesome bro thank you for video…

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  • cbluebeard 1 month ago

    I used 3 part GH, but it becomes 4 part quickly, when you also have to get the GH calcium. For that reason, this year, I tried a one bottle solution (Dyna-Gro Bloom) on my outdoor 5gal hydro-bucket tomatoes, start to finish. My test was only 2 buckets, one plant each. Worked great. I even used my tap water and never even checked the pH. I wanted to see how lazy i could be with it. hardest part was only having to keep the bucket topped off with water. Those tomatoes drink a LOT in summer. Easily over 5gal a week. And i didnt add nutes very often, either. I found they need less nutes than i thought.

  • Nimi Kalmanovich 1 month ago

    Can you link the website of the store or the name that you mentioned?